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Cultural Programs

CWAJ Cultural Program

A World of Flowers from the Rimpa School to Contemporary Art


Date: June 3, Saturday
Venue: Yamatane Museum of Art

We are pleased to announce the first Cultural Program of this year will be held on June 3 at Yamatane Museum of Art in Hiroo.

We will visit the exhibition “A World of Flowers—from the Rimpa School to Contemporary Art,” with a lecture and detailed explanation of several works by Ms.Takahashi, an English-speaking curator.
Don’t miss out this opportunity to see gorgeous pictures of flowers by great artists, including
Sakai Hoitsu, Suzuki Kiitsu, Yokoyama Taikan, Hishida Shunso, Kobayashi Kokei, Okumura Togyu, Uemura Shoko,Kayama Matazo and more!

Please come join us!