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CWAJ Cultural Program

Musical Performance at Engaku-ji Temple in Kita-Kamakura

Tuesday, Nov 15 14:00

Cultural Programs invites you to join us for an enthralling musical performance by two internationally acclaimed musicians, Ms. Nobuko Baba and Mr. Keisuke Zenyoji.

Ms. Baba, a well-known Koto player, began playing the instrument at the age of 5 and obtained a masters certificate at the age of 16. An award winner from the Tokyo University of the Arts, Faculty of Music, Ms. Baba was one of the few chosen musicians to perform at the Imperial Palace immediately after completing her masters in Traditional Japanese music. In 1991, Ms. Baba led a group of musicians at a performance welcoming the former Soviet statesman, Mikhail Gorbachev. Ms. Baba has frequently performed on the radio and TV, in Japan and abroad, and is known for her unconventional musical style.

Mr. Zenyoji started playing the shakuhachi from a young age with his father, a direct recipient of the art of the Nyodo Jin. Also a graduate from the Tokyo University of the Arts, Faculty of Music, Mr. Zenyoji received his training from the great shakuhachi player, Goro Yamaguchi. In1990, Mr. Zenyoji received the honor of being one of the youngest players to play solo at the National Theater in Tokyo and has also performed on the NHK radio show.

The performance will be held at the scenic location of the Butsunichian at the Engaku-ji temple known for its fall colors. The temple complex is located on the sloping hills of Kamakura and includes many must see monuments including the Shariden, the shrine of the sacred tooth of the Buddha and the large bell, a National Treasure.

Date: November 15, Thursday
Time: 14:00 pm
Venue: Engaku-ji Temple, Kita-Kamakura
Ticket price: ¥2000 per person

Please sign up with the Cultural Programs team at the September luncheon.
Guests are welcome.

Please contact Himika Shergill or Misa Yamada for more information: