CWAJ College Women's Association of Japan


Foreign Students' Circle (FSC)

Foreign Students’ Circle (FSC) holds cultural and educational events for foreign students to help them gain a deeper understanding of Japanese culture and customs. We try to develop close contact with students and help them adapt to life in Japan. FSC is a wonderful opportunity for CWAJ members as well as foreign students to learn about Japanese culture while making friends with CWAJ members and students from around the world.

Next Program: Yearend Soba-uchi (Buckwheat Noodle Making) Workshop & Seto-no-ura Walk

Date: December 2, Saturday
Venue: Kanazawa-chiku Center, 金沢地区センターDeiki 2-14-5, Kanazawa-ku Yokohama-shi
              Tel: 045-784-5860
              7-minute walk from Kanazawa-hakkei Station, Keihin-kyuko Line
Instructor: Hideo Murata, Kanazawa Menuchi-kai President
Meeting place: Ticket gate of Kanazawa-hakkei Station, Keihin-kyuko Line, 京急線金沢八景駅
Meeting time: 09:30
Fee: 1,000 yen including two bundles of soba for omiyage
RSVP: November 29 (limit of 15 people for the soba-uchi)
Bring: Apron, hand towel, and bandana (something to cover your hair to keep it from falling into the dough)
Access: Take Keikyu Kaitoku train to Misakiguchi, leaving Keikyu Shinagawa Station (565 yen) at 08:48. Arrive at Kanazawa-hakkei station at 09:24. The same train leaves Keikyu Yokohama station at 09:05.
After making and tasting the soba, on the way back to the station, we will visit Seto and Biwa shrines on Seto-no-ura seaside, one of the eight scenic spots of Kanazawa. Both places have a connection to Shogun Minamoto-no-Yoritomo and his wife, Masako, of the Kamakura era.
CWAJ members, family & friends are welcome!

Co-chairs: Mieko Kadota and Saeko Sakurai