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Volunteers for Visually Impaired (VVI)

Volunteers for the Visually Impaired (VVI) offers a variety of activities in English aimed at encouraging education, cross-cultural exchange and friendship with the visually impaired community. The activities are diverse: weekly English conversation class at Japan Vocational Development Center for the Blind (JVDCB) for VI adults seeking for job; English Conversation Gathering held three times a year as opportunity for the visually impaired people to enjoy cross cultural programs in English; Tsukuba Mock Interview Program, twice a year, for visually impaired high-school students to practice in preparation for Eiken English proficiency test; Editing News Letter containing various information and essays and distributed in Braille, large print and by e-mail three times a year.


Japan Vocational Development Center for the Blind (JVDCB)
English classes

Venue: JVDCB in Yotsuya
Time: 13:00 to 15:00
Tuesday classes                               
Thursday classes                     
Number of volunteers: 14 including assistants
Number of VI students: 22 (both Tuesday and Thursday classes)
Fee: None
All CWAJ members are always welcome as assistant teachers, and sometimes needed as regular teachers.
Volunteers are always welcome as assistant teachers on both Tuesday and Thursday afternoon (13:00 to 15:00).
Coordinator: Akiko Yamane

English Conversation Gathering (ECG)
Getting to Know the American South
Speaker: Ysmenia Asci
Date: March 31, Saturday
Time: 13:30 to 15:30
Venue: Iris Josei Center Owada, Shibuya

When Ysmenia moved to Arkansas in 2006, she knew very little about the American South. She finds the South’s part in shaping modern America through politics, business, and culture fascinating. Like many areas of the world, this U.S. region has been shaped by war, immigration, and its natural resources. Living in the south for eleven years widened her perspective on the conflicts America faces today. In her presentation, she would like to walk you through a brief history of the area, how it is evolving, and share the richness of the culture through sound, touch, and taste.
Co-leaders: Ysmenia Asci and Junko Morito

Tsukuba Eiken Mock Interview Program
Venue: Special Needs Education School for the Visually Impaired, University of Tsukuba, near Gokokuji Station (Yurakucho Line) 

Let's help visually impaired high school students prepare for the English proficiency test. Volunteers work in pairs to give mock interviews and advice. Materials will be prepared by the coordinator, therefore, no special experience is necessary. If you are looking for a rewarding program, this is it!
Coordinators: Kumiko Matsubara and Junko Takagaki

Spring 2017 Issue
Fall 2017 Issue
Coordinators: Yuka Watanabe and Michiko Motomura

VVI Committee always welcomes members who wish to volunteer for the benefit of the Visually Impaired people/community.
VVI is an important part of CWAJ’s community service. Please consider taking part in its activities throughout the year.
VVI has several leader positions that are looking for replacements. Please contact the Co-chairs for more information.
1 Co-chair position
VI contact
JVDCB coordinator
Recording secretary

Co-Chairs: Michiko Tsukagoshi