CWAJ College Women's Association of Japan


Fukushima Relief Scholarship

CWAJ has provided scholarships to students of Fukushima Medical University School of Nursing since 2012. The scholarship award of 500,000 yen for one year is almost equivalent to a full year’s tuition.
In 2016, the scholarship was expanded to include students of Graduate School of Nursing. Recipients of the scholarship are selected on their academic merit and dedication to contribute to the recovery of Tohoku. After graduating, recipients of the scholarships are now working to serve the community, especially those who are still in evacuation, as nurses, midwives, and public health nurses.

A total of 16 scholarships have been awarded since 2012. Recipients may reapply for this scholarship (the only CWAJ scholarship in which this is allowed.) The following is a list of the recipients given in each year and some current career information.

2012 Saiko Akiyama, Hiroko Yamada, Mizuho Aoki

Ms Aoki is currently working as midwife in a hospital in Shiogama, Miyagi Prefecture

2013   Saiko Akiyama, Hiroko Yamada, Sonoko Nagasawa, Fumika Kojima

Ms Akiyama is currently working as a public health nurse in Fukushima City supporting seniors and young mothers in the area.

Ms Yamada is currently working as a public health nurse in Iwaki branch office of Fukushima Health and Welfare Office, looking after the health of senior citizens and evacuees from town and villages near the nuclear power plant. After the Kumamoto Earthquake in 2016, she went to help at evacuation shelters with a group of public nurse.

2014   Sonoko Nagasawa, Sayaka Takahashi

2015   Sonoko Nagasawa, Sayaka Takahashi

Ms Nagasawa is currently working as a nurse in a hospital in Nihonmatsu City, Fukushima Prefecture, where many patients are evacuees.

Ms Takahashi is currently working in a hospital in Yokohama City.

2016   Mikihisa Nagasawa, Tomoe Shike

Ms Shike will complete her Master’s degree in March 2017 and will return to the hospital where she previously worked to serve as a nurse with deep knowledge and specialized skills for cancer patients.

2017   Noriko Kanno, Miyuki Mori, Yuka Usui

“I felt the support by the CWAJ scholarship is not just an abstract concept to support students, but provides them with substantial financial support and also mental energy to step forward by gaining self-esteem and hope by sharing the culture and spirit of CWAJ.”Sonoko Nagasawa 2013-15