CWAJ College Women's Association of Japan


Supporting Mental Health Care in Soma City, Fukushima

In April 2011, CWAJ Board members met with doctors who had real experience on the ground at evacuation shelters to learn more about the situation of the areas stricken by the disasters of the Great East Japan Earthquake. CWAJ’s goal was to find ways that our organization could help the people hit by the disasters. CWAJ decided to provide a medical van with a wheelchair lift to Soma Kokoro no Care Center and Mental Clinic Nagomi, which serves as the base office for outreach mental health care. The medical van with a wheelchair lift is crucial for providing such care. Soma is a coastal city located 40 kilometers north of Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant.

The donation of the van was made on the occasion of the opening of the Kokoro no Care Center and Mental Clinic Nagomi on January 10, 2012. The CWAJ President at that time, Misa Yasukawa, presented Dr Shin’ichi Niwa of Fukushima Medical University with a large golden key emblazoned with the CWAJ logo, a symbol of the donation by CWAJ of the medical van. Also for this occasion, a framed woodblock print by Hideo Hagiwara was donated by his son for Nagomi. Masao Minami donated two of his prints for Fukushima Medical University Hospital. CWAJ members visited Fukushima City and Soma the following year to hear about the programs being provided in Nagomi, and to present gifts for their children’s program.

Mr Ren Otani of Kokoro no Care Center has been providing advice for CWAJ’s art program for children.

CWAJ continued support of the van by providing the car insurance through 2015.