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Related Activities

Denzen Award

The Denzen Award is given to the best print from more than 3,000 works submitted in the elementary and junior high school divisions in the Denzen Memorial Print Exhibition, held annually in Sukagawa City, Fukushima. CWAJ learned about the annual Denzen Award, which encourages children to learn the traditional art of woodblock printmaking, through our art programs for children in the area. From 2013, CWAJ has invited the two winners of the Denzen Award to have their prints exhibited at the CWAJ Print Show, plus invited the winners and parents to attend the Show. The 2016 winners’ prints were included in the exhibition of the CWAJ 60th Print Show at Highfield Hall & Gardens in Cape Cod in the summer of 2016, along with 20 other prints from the Denzen competition.

Volunteers for the Visually Impaired (VVI) Concert

CWAJ VVI Charity Concert featuring artists with a visual impairment was held on December 11, 2011 at Pasona Hall. ¥523,000 was raised and donated to the National Committee of Welfare for the Blind in Japan. CWAJ’s donation was used to purchase much needed daily use aids and appliances for the visually impaired, lost by victims in the March 11 disasters. More than 200 people enjoyed the beautiful performances of twin pianists Rie and Risa Kimura, guitarist/ vocalist Ryota Kuriyama, and Tsukuba School for the Visually Impaired Alumnae Handbell Choir “Akane”. Thank you to the performers and Pasona Group for donating their services and also to Hajime Minamisawa (1999 CWAJ SVI Scholar) for donating the sales of his handmade pendants and cellphone straps.

Bruce and Curt Duo Concert, CWAJ Cultural Program

On March 17, 2012, a charity concert of koto and shakuhachi music by Curt and Bruce Duo was held at the Franciscan Chapel Center in Roppongi. The “Going Home ― Reflections on Fukushima” concert was organized by the CWAJ Cultural Program committee. Attended by 250, the concert raised over \400,000 yen for CWAJ’s Fukushima Relief Projects. Curt and Bruce are two musicians uniquely nurtured by the strong cultural heritage of the Fukushima area. After the March 11th disasters, they returned to Fukushima and did two tours of evacuation centers. Coincidentally, Bruce teaches music at the Fukushima Medical University School of Nursing, the very school to which CWAJ offers scholarships.

CWAJ Friendly Crafters Raffle, December 2011

A gorgeous quilt, hand sewn by CWAJ members, was the grand prize of a raffle held at the 2011 December Luncheon. Organized by the CWAJ Special Interest Group “Friendly Crafters” the raffle raised ¥130,000 for CWAJ Fukushima Relief Projects.