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November 2017 Luncheon

Tokyo 2020: Food for 100,000
Mr. Charles McJilton, Founder and CEO, Second Harvest Japan


Second Harvest Japan has been food banking since 2002, initially providing support for the homeless. While homelessness in Japan is below 6,000 people, there are now nearly 20 million people living below the poverty line. At the same time over three million tons of surplus food is destroyed each year. For 15 years Second Harvest has been working to match this surplus with those in need, providing an alternative to destroying food that is still safe for consumption.
Mr. McJilton will mainly talk about two innovative models they will be testing in Tokyo over the next couple of months that help people get the food they need in a way that preserves their dignity. The first is Caritas Markt ( from Switzerland and the second is Urban Recipe ( from the USA. Second Harvest’s 2020 goal is to create a food safety-net in Tokyo to support 100,000 people.


Speaker Profile
For the last 17 years Charles McJilton has been pioneering the effort to create a food safety-net for Japan so that anyone in need can have access to food. He has a long association with Japan beginning in 1984 when he was stationed out of Yokosuka for two years. In 1991 he moved to a place in Tokyo called Sanya, which was known for its day-laborers and homeless. In 1995 he began work on a project to create a self-help center in Sanya to give the men the tools to either work out of their situation or die with dignity. To better understand those he planned to serve, he began living in a cardboard house along the Sumida River in January, 1997. He eventually stayed 15 months until April 1998 and this experience profoundly changed him and his worldview. This experience continues to influence his approach to both running Second Harvest Japan and developing a safety-net that is both meaningful and appropriate for Japan.

Luncheon Program Co-leaders: Joan Doi and Shigeko Nagaoka

The December luncheon will feature dancers from the Austrian Ballet Company of Tokyo who will perform their signature Japanese piece called ‘Yuki Onna’.

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Luncheon Invitation
Date: November 1, 2017 (Wed)

Venue: Tokyo American Club

Time: 11:30 Social Gathering 11:50 Luncheon

Fee: ¥4,000 members ¥4,500 guests

RSVP by noon on 26 October 2017

Luncheon Managers: Kumiyo Mason and Hisako Ogasawara


Starter -  Creamy Mushroom Soup with Roasted Chestnuts

Main -  Regular:  Pan Seared Seabass with Beets Rissotto and Saffron Clam Sauce

              Vegetarian:  Vegetable Ratatouille with Quinoa Pilaf

Dessert - Classic Pecan Pie

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Luncheon Program Coordinators:
Joan Rodgers Doi and Shigeko Nagaoka