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December 2017 Luncheon Program Summary






After updating members on recent activities, in particular information about the recent Print Show and introducing new members, Miyuki Fukuma thanked the board members during her two-year tenure and then introduced and passed the gavel on to the next CWAJ president, Reiko Oshima.

Following lunch, the director of the Austrian Ballet Company of Tokyo (ABC-Tokyo), Mr Christian Martinu, said a few words of introduction about his ballet company, then 130 members and their guests enjoyed ABC-Tokyo’s signature production, Yuki Onna, which included JAPANISM ‘the dance with red kimonos and sticks’. Mr Martinu spoke about adapting Western ballet to Japanese body size and also about how many of their performances are influenced by Japanese culture. If member applause was any indication, the performance was a resounding success.

Luncheon Program Coordinators: Joan Rodgers Doi and Shigeko Nagaoka


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