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February 2016

Working and Communicating Effectively on a Multicultural Team



Ramona Link Meher presented us with a wonderfully stimulating talk yesterday. Speaking from experience she talked about the challenges of cross-cultural communication.

Having worked as facilitator, coach and consultant with several international companies, Ramona’s assertion that CWAJ is one of the most successful inter cultural organizations she has encountered drew heavy applause. She went on to explain how some cultures were inherently high context communicators where less verbally explicit communication was the norm, and communication was based on internalized understandings. On the opposite end of the spectrum people in low context cultures played by external rules and relied more on verbal signals. Challenges in cross- cultural communication could be overcome by adopting a simple strategy. Asking and listening, Ramona said, worked like a charm and helped remove obstacles and misgivings between people. Ramona ended her talk by opening the forum to questions and discussion.

Thank you Ramona for this talk. We are proud to have you on our team.

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