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February 2018 Luncheon

Love and Obligation in the Life of an Edo-Period Gangster – Summary

FebLunch1After the luncheon meeting was called to order by the president, Reiko Oshima, an audience of 80 members and their guests, including a new CWAJ member, were treated to an informative and witty presentation by Jean Wilson, a teacher of Japanese culture at Seisen University, a narrator, an experienced Japanese theater critic and one of ten English earphone guide commentators for Kabuki. Jean began her talk with a bit about her background including how she ended up in Japan in the first place over thirty years ago and why she is still here to this day. It was  fascinating to hear about “Love and Obligation in the Life of an Edo-Period Gangster” through three examples of plays written by Hasegawa Shin which highlighted the everyday struggles between obligation and the characters’ needs for love and acceptance – all heartwarming and moving stories performed both in the regular theatre as well as in kabuki. The audience appreciated the opportunity to laugh and enjoy having an insiders look into Japanese plays and Kabuki.


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