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January 2018 Luncheon Summary

Jan2018 1

January’s luncheon speaker was Ms. Kaho Aso who demonstrated Japanese traditional dance and music to show the important role of music in traditional Japanese theatre. She explained a bit about the instruments used and how they ‘set the stage’ or send cues to the actors or dancers. Kaho played the nohkan and kotsuzumi accompanied on the shinobue (flute) by CWAJ member Jeannette Ohma

e, who also studied under the same teacher, Rosen Tosha the 6th. Kaho also studied Japanese traditional dance (nihon buyo) under Koushiro Matsumoto the 9th and performed with him on the Kabuki stage at age 8. After completing the doctoral program at Tokyo University of the Arts, Kaho has since performed throughout Japan, on NHK TV and radio, and in many countries overseas. There were 107 members and their guests in attendance.

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