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January 25, 2017, Wednesday

Louise Rouse

Hananofu ‘Shuho’, Flower Artist

Close to 100 members and guests enjoyed a live ikebana performance by Hananofu Shuho.

While at Jisho-ji (or Ginkaku-ji), Hananofu ‘Shuho’ became the first Head of the Floral Studies Bureau (or Hanakata), was also responsible for the Center for Ikebana Studies, and then assumed the position of Ikebana Master in charge of the Center for Cultural Studies at Ginkaku-ji where she organized various overseas cultural activities as part of the temple’s International Exchange Program.

After leaving her position at Ginkaku-ji in 2015, she has been teaching flower arrangement and continues to offer flowers for diverse occasions. Now based in Kyoto, she is also a representative of the ‘Japan House Project’ that promotes Japanese culture abroad under the auspices of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

With the lights dimmed and a spotlight on Shuho-sensei, she began by first ‘sensing’ the energy of the audience and then proceeded to assemble a seasonal flower arrangement before our eyes. Then after a short break during which the audience had time to admire her creation, she explained the process of selecting her plant materials and why she chose the particular arrangement for us. She then gave a brief history of her responsibilities at Ginkaku-ji from 2004-2014 as the Ikebana Master at the Center for Cultural Studies there and her activities since then.

Her sister, Yoko Murayama acted as her interpreter.

Thank you to Hananofu ‘Shuho’ for an absolutely exquisite creation for us to start off the New Year.

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