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March 22, 2017 Wednesday


March 1


March 2017 Luncheon Program Summary

While enjoying dessert, the Education Committee offered a summary of their annual activities outlining their programs for the visually impaired, foreign student circle and English lessons for elementary school students.

Luncheon participants then received useful information and helpful hints on earthquake preparedness from our speakers, Ms Motoko Kimura and Yayoi Abe of WaNavi Japan.

Ms. Motoko Kimura, Founder and Co-Executive Director of WaNavi Japan spoke a bit about her organization; then along with her colleague Yayoi Abe, ran us through a mini-version of their earthquake preparedness workshop so that we were able to review and upgrade our disaster response skills. Motoko has helped create effective disaster awareness programs for schoolchildren. She also serves as a visiting lecturer on emergency preparedness and Japanese Culture at Hitotsubashi University Graduate School of International Corporate Strategy.

WaNavi Japan is a nonprofit organization that provides international residents and their families with critical information and support to live comfortably and confidently in Japan. The inspiration for their work came from the events that deeply affected Japan on March 11, 2011 and the dislocation and concern experienced by international residents in Japan. In addition to workshops on earthquake preparedness, they offer shared learning about Japanese healthcare and food safety as well as various cultural programs for adults and families. Part of their proceeds support families who have been directly affected by natural disasters.

Due to time constraints and the wealth of information provided, we were not able to field questions; however, attached above are a few helpful handouts.


The handouts given at the luncheon are as under:

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