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May 10, 2017 Wednesday

May Luncheon 2017 AN (7)

May Luncheon 2017 AN (9)



May Luncheon 2017 AN (3)


May 2017 A Celebration of Excellence

With an attendance of 150 people, the grand ballroom at TAC, the Manhattan,  was buzzing with energy on the 10th of May for the Scholarship luncheon where the 2017 Scholars were presented to the CWAJ members and very special invited guests. This year we were thrilled because all nine scholars were able to attend the even. With the addition of a scholar from Kazakhstan our international group of scholars now span more than 40 countries!

Each scholar gave a short self-introduction and then they were asked a question related to their lives. There was lots of laughter and claps as the scholars answered the questions with poise and humor.

This year we were lucky to have all three of the FRS recipients in attendance: Noriko Kanno, is a mother who is studying for a Master’s program in Oncology nursing – she  spoke of the challenges that she faced in maintaining a work life balance, Miyuki Mori is devoted to the cause of promoting better midwifery practices and is currently studying for her Master’s in Maternity Nursing Sciences. Yuka Usui is also interested in maternity sciences and is currently pursuing her Bachelor’s degree.

Aki Shima (SA) enthralled the audience with her views on the current practices of criminology – she spoke eloquently about her desire to change certain procedural practices in Japan after her Master’s study at York University, UK. Shoko Hirose (SA) emphasized the need to improve working conditions in the corporate sector in Japan, especially in the case of female employees. She will be studying for her Master’s Degree at Social-Organizational Psychology, Teachers College, Columbia University (USA).

Our two SVI scholars drew great deal of interest and admiration from the luncheon attendees – Ririna Kaneko is a Bachelor’s student at Sophia University and is a ballerina who has been practicing classical ballet for 20 years. She gave a heartfelt speech on the difficulties that she has had to face as a visually impaired student and the steps that she has undertaken to address these issues. Yudai Mori, our only male recipient this year, is also a Bachelors student at Niigata University. He spoke about the need to tackle the challenges faced by visually impaired students in Japanese universities and in workplaces.

Mamata Ghimre, our NJG recipient, a PhD scholar from Nepal, explained the need for better health care financing programs in developing countries. She spoke about the beauty of her home country and its rich cultural heritage. Dressed beautifully in her colorful national costume Saule Zholdayakova (NJG), whose doctoral study focuses on clean energy sources, spoke about the relevance of her research in Kazakhstan and elsewhere. She referred to an old idiom, “ Educate a man and you educated a person, educate a woman and you educate a generation” – which drew thundering applause from the audience. Please take a look at our website ( for details of our new scholars.

Our speakers  this year were four of our past scholars. Arei Shirai (SA, 2011) spoke movingly of her time as an MBA student at the Said School of Business at the University of Oxford, where she looked after her newly born baby son (along with her husband who had taken leave of absence from his work to be with her in the UK) and keep up with the demands of a challenging course of study. She also elaborated the day-to-day challenges that she faces as a working mother of two young children. Ellie Bae, Dragana Lazic and Alba Zamarbide (all NJG 2016 scholars) spoke of the great strides that they have been making in their doctoral studies – the audience, many of who have served on selection committees, was justifiably proud of these worthy alumnae!


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