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November 2, Wednesday

Topic: Three Generations of my Family by Fujiko Hara

Nov 2016

Fujiko Hara descendant of a distinctive political family gave an interesting talk yesterday about her grandmother, mother and a bit of herself.
All these women shared a common thread: never take “no” for a final answer. But not only that: all had been exposed to foreign countries and influence at an early age, which made them aware of women’s important role in society. Supported by other family members they not only engaged for their close family but moved a step outside into the wider society. Fujiko Hara’s profession is simultaneous interpreter and may be she was influenced by her grandmother THEODORA JUKIO OZAKI who early on taught at KEIJO GIJIUKU later Keio University and wrote Children’s Story Books and her mother YUKIO SOHMA who interpreted for her father traveling in the United States.

At the same time YUKIO SOHMA endorsed her children: Thinking independently was sometimes more important than studying!” Later in her life she founded AAR a mission to help refugees from Indochina, now registered by the United Nations as Association for Aid and Relief Japan.

FUJIKO HARA herself grew up in difficult times after the second war. Her active sports life as jumping equestrian may has given her the power later to combine household work with young kids and studies of interpretation. Since the 60 is she is active as an interpreter for lot’s of Japanese politicians and in 1984 founded her own company DIPLOMATT.

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