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October 11, 2017 Wednesday







Is Printmaking Dead, Again?

Oct Lunch

(Photo taken by Christa Knott)

Speaker - Prof Michael Schneider, Tokyo University of the Arts

Printmaking has a long tradition and has been declared dead a number of times. In fact there are some paradigms shifting that are important for artists, collectors, curators and lovers ofart that needed to be done as print.

When offset-print became cheap and astonishingly good, rules to keep the fine art print a commodity needed to be established, and printmaking in the way we know it today was established.

Now that we live in a time of print on demand, post digital communication and the ebook, what will the role of the medium print within the arts be?

As we approach the opening of the 61st CWAJ Print Show, please join us at the October Luncheon for an inspiring talk by Associate Professor Michael W. Schneider.

Luncheon Program Co-leaders
Joan Doi and Shigeko Nagaoka

Speaker Profile:
Michael W. Schneider, born 1967 in Austria, studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna and at the Tokyo University of the Arts in Japan. Since 1990 he has worked intensively in the medium of woodblock printing. Instead of the traditional knives, he uses stones found in nature to chisel structures into the wood plates and, since his studies in Japan, water based substances (Indian ink, pigment, graphite) to ink the plates. He has also been involved in non-traditional approaches to printmaking including installation, performance, and sound as an extension of his printmaking practice. For his research in non-toxic and computer aided printmaking Schneider was awarded the Theodor-Körner-Award 2005. He has exhibited extensively within Europe, Turkey, Japan, Korea, China, North- and South-America. Schneider is founder and was co-editor of im:print, journal of the current state of printmaking" and staff-writer of “Um:Druck”, journal for Printmaking and Visual Culture". In addition to his work as a freelance artist, he currently teaches as Associate Professor at Tokyo University of the Arts in Japan and as Adjunct Professor at the Art Department of Webster University in St. Louis, Missouri and is a Guest Professor at the College of Fine Art of Shanghai University. Schneider completed his habilitation for "Graphic Arts with an emphasis in Printmaking and Printmedia" at the University of Applied Arts in 2014.

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