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September 14, 2016, Wednesday

Louise Rouse

Louise Rouse

Louise Rouse is a former CWAJ scholar and moved to Japan in 2007 to study at Tama Art University. She now works at Temple University, Japan Campus teaching printmaking and drawing, and since 2013 has been affiliated with Takumi Hanga traditional printmaking workshop where she has studied under master woodblock carver Motoharu Asaka.

Louise's work as a printmaker combines silkscreen and relief printmaking techniques including those used by the few remaining ukiyoe crafts people.
In her talk at the (September) luncheon she will give you the story of her journey to finding traditional Japanese woodblock printing, and touch upon this critical stage in Japanese printmaking history where very few of the traditionally trained ukiyoe carvers and printers are still around, and the ecosystem of papermakers, sizers and raw materials cultivators find themselves in old age with few successors. It's not all bad news, though, and Louise is involved with outreach activities to try to inspire a new generation.

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