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Current Scholars

CWAJ Graduate Scholarship for Japanese Women to Study Abroad (SA)

3.0 million


MD, Faculty of Medicine, Medical School, Osaka University

Study program: MA, Public Health, Harvard T .H. Chan School of Public Health (USA)

Comment: I am a doctor of obstetrics and gynecology, and I wish to study public health from a women's health perspective. My ultimate goal is to improve women's lifelong health globally. I am especially interested in establishing an effective follow-up and treatment system for endometriosis, a too-common gynecologic disease, which causes severe pelvic pain, infertility, and even ovarian cancer. I am also a mother of three children, who have supported and motivated me to work vigorously to make this world a better place for them.

CWAJ Cultural Exchange Graduate Scholarship for Japanese Women to Study Abroad (SA)

3.0 million


BA, Architecture, Kyoto University; MA, Architecture, Graduate School, Kyoto University

Study program: PhD, Architecture, University of Naples, Federico II (Italy)

Comment: Italy is known for the richness of its architectural heritage as well as being one of the earthquake-prone areas in the world. As Vitruvius, an ancient Roman architect, believed that architecture must exhibit three central themes of strength, functionality, and beauty, my research aim is to seek the essences of architectures that protect human lives, property and cultures in terms of the relationship between the seismic performance of a building structure (strength) and its shapes (functionality and beauty). I hope to mitigate damage to historical architecture due to catastrophic natural disasters through my research results.

CWAJ Graduate Scholarship for Non-Japanese Women to Study in Japan (NJG)

CWAJ Sano Chikara Scholarship- 2.0 million

BAE, AhRan Ellie (Republic of Korea)

BA, International Studies, Ewha Women’s University (Republic of Korea); MA, Cultural Studies, International Christian University (Japan)

Study program: PhD, Social Studies, Rikkyo University Graduate School of Social Design

Comment: My research focuses on individuals who were accused of collaborating with the Japanese throughout the colonial era (1910-1945). By examining historical records, I hope to gain insight into the complex facets of the issue of collaboration between the colonized and the colonizer. Through a comprehensive examination of primary resources, I hope that my research will open ways to rethink the colonial period with more objectivity, and in the long run, contribute to the effort to resolve the historical disputes between Japan and Korea.

CWAJ Cultural Exchange Graduate Scholarship for Non-Japanese Women to Study in Japan (NJG)

2.0 million

LAZIC, Dragana (Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina)

BA, Journalism, University of Banja Luka (Bosnia and Herzegovina); MA, International Area Studies, University of Tsukuba Graduate School of Humanities and Social Science

Study program: PhD, International and Advanced Japanese Studies, University of Tsukuba Graduate School of Humanities and Social Sciences

Comment: My project is a comparative study of hate speech in online communicative spaces in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Japan. This research falls under the study of political communication as it probes the democratic potentials of Internet and online news media. Studying hate speech can help societies learn from the news comments and forums about antisocial behaviors, and the prospects of its regulation.

※This Scholarship is supported by the Japan Foundation

CWAJ-Tokyo American Club Women’s Group Non-Japanese Graduate Scholarship

2.0 million

ZAMARBIDE URDANIZ, Alba Victoria (Spain)

BA, Architecture, University of Navarra (Spain); MA, History of Architecture and Architectural Renovation, University of Navarra Graduate School

Study program: PhD, Urban Planning, Waseda University Faculty of Creative Science and Engineering

Comment: Since 2012, I have collaborated in diverse community participatory “machizukuri” (town making) projects via Waseda University. My PhD, started in 2013, focuses on World Heritage eco-cosmologies and the inadequacy of urban planning tools for effective heritage management. Using an overview of European and Asian case studies, I am trying to find possibilities for a new holistic management model that combines top-down preservation strategies with adapted bottom-up practices. This year, I will apply previous findings in a case study in Thua Thien Hue, Vietnam.

CWAJ Scholarship for the Visually Impaired to Study in Japan (SVI-SJ)

1.5 million


BA, Architecture, University of Navarra (Spain); MA, History of Architecture and Architectural Renovation, University of Navarra Graduate School

Study program: 4th year student, Music (Piano Major), Toho Gakuen College Music Department

Comment: I started learning how to play the piano when I was 5 years old. Music has always inspired and comforted me. Now I am studying playing technique, as well as other things about music. I have learned the importance of making efforts, to have the courage to challenge any difficulty, and the feeling of achievement of playing the piano satisfactorily. I would like to pursue my own ideal music, and give this message to the people who have supported me and all over the world through my music.


BS, Mathematics, Gakushuin University; MS, Bioscience, Nara Institute of Science and Technology

Study program: PhD, Medical Sciences, Tohoku University Sendai Graduate School

Comment: I am using computer analysis to study human genetics, focusing on the genetic code in mitochondria. The genetic information in the mitochondria have been found to be linked to disorders of the eyes, muscles and brain, My own impaired sight is due to one such disease. My research goal is to find knowledge that can contribute to the development of prevention and treatment of these conditions. I am committed to find ways to cure at least one, so far incurable, disease.

CWAJ Fukushima Relief Scholarship

0.5 million

SHIKE, Tomoe

BSN, Nursing Science, Fukushima Medical University School of Nursing

Study program: MSN, Nursing Science for Cancer, Fukushima Medical University School of Nursing Graduate School

Comment: I have felt powerless each time I met a patient and family who were facing problems that I could not solve with my nursing experience. Because of that, I decided to enroll in graduate school to learn oncology nursing, and use that newly acquired knowledge in my future nursing. At graduate school I am surrounded by unique classmates and professors, and feel that I can grow as a person as well. I aim to become a nurse who can support cancer patients as they continue to live a full life by their own strength.

NAGASAWA, Mikihisa

Study program: 3rd year student, Nursing Science, Fukushima Medical University School of Nursing

Comment: My goal is to become a nurse with a wide range of knowledge and skills, who is able to put patients at ease. For the patient and the family, illness or injury is a cause of anxiety, so I want to be someone who can not only save lives, but also show empathy to people and ease their pain. In addition to the developmental nursing I am learning now, I would like to learn about providing mental care to patients.

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