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Current Scholars

CWAJ Graduate Scholarship for Japanese Women to Study Abroad (SA)

3.0 million


BA, Faculty of Policy Management, Keio University
Study program: MA, Social-Organizational Psychology, Teachers College, Columbia University (USA)

Comment: My interests lie in understanding the effects of organizational and group/team dynamics on human psychology and performance. I am specifically interested in examining how factors such as organizational culture and group norms can lead to stress and mental health in the workplace, and exploring ways to drive change to deeply embedded organizational values to build stronger, more resilient teams. My ultimate goal is to contribute to creating a more peaceful and sustainable society where all individuals feel empowered to pursue their happiness and wellbeing and reach their full potential.


CWAJ Cultural Exchange Graduate Scholarship for Japanese Women to Study Abroad (SA)

3.0 million


BA, Law, School of Law, LL.M., Graduate School of Law, Hokkaido University, Hokkaido University

Study Program: MA Criminology and Social Research, University of York (UK)

Comment: I believe that it is paramount for universities to spread theoretical and practical knowledge and skills in criminology to reform the Japanese Criminal Justice System. The field of criminal policy in Japan is taught mainly in law curricula. However, in considering criminal policies, such as criminal rehabilitation and treatment in society or ethical investigation interviews, it is not sufficient to consider problems from legal perspectives only. Based on my study on criminology in the UK, I would like to develop an interdisciplinary training program for criminology at Japanese universities.

CWAJ Graduate Scholarship for Non-Japanese Women to Study in Japan (NJG)

CWAJ Sano Chikara Scholarship- 2.0 million *This Scholarship is supported by the Japan Foundation

GHIMIRE, Mamata (Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal)

BPH, National Academy for Medical Sciences (Nepal); MA, Risk, Health, and Public Policy, University of Durham (UK)

Study Program: Ph.D., Healthcare Policy and Management, University of Tsukuba Graduate School of Comprehensive Human Sciences

Comment: Without financial safety against illness, healthcare must be purchased by out-of-pocket payment (OOP). In my PhD research, I aim to investigate the poverty impact households face due to catastrophic OOP payment in Nepal and explore strategies of how these households cope with the economic consequences. My research hopes to provide unique opportunities to lower the poverty impact of catastrophic healthcare payments and help to establish evidence-based health financing policies.

CWAJ-Tokyo American Club Women’s Group Non-Japanese Graduate Scholarship

2.0 million

ZHOLDAYAKOVA Saule (Republic of Kazakhstan)

BA, Dept. of Human Development, Environment and Resources, Tokai University, MA Interdisciplinary Studies, Graduate School of Human Environmental Studies, Tokai University

Study program: PhD, Technology and Science, Graduate School of Technology and Science, Tokai University

Comment: Kazakhstan is one of the richest countries in the world in natural resources with large coal deposits and is the largest oil exporting country in Central Asia. It exports most of its oil and domestically depends on coal. Kazakhstan is prioritizing renewable energy development and wants to stop climate change. Development of renewable energy is important. My focus is on hydrogen energy. I am the first scientist in my country to think about the possibilities of hydrogen energy. My dream is to change Kazakhstan’s energy story.


CWAJ Scholarship for the Visually Impaired to Study in Japan (SVI-SJ)

1.5 million

KANEKO, Ririna

Study Program: Bachelor’s Degree, Political Science, Faculty of Liberal Arts, Sophia University

Comment: I have taken various actions to make people understand about disabilities through my example of overcoming hardships - I believe I am the first low-vision student at Sophia University. I attended a Japan-America Student Conference, and by doing an internship at Google Japan Inc. In the future, I want to create opportunities for disabled people to be understood in society by using my skills to speak up, and from what I have learned through 20 years of experience in classical ballet and 10 years of experience as a public speaker.

MORI, Yudai

BS, Mathematics, Gakushuin University; MS, Bioscience, Nara Institute of Science and Technology

Study program: Bachelor’s Degree, Department of Business Administration, Faculty of Economics, Niigata University

Comment: I have had a visual impairment called “pigmentary degeneration of retina” since I was one year old. It takes me a lot of time to read and write because of this impairment. I use an iPad to study in university. In the future, I want to work towards supporting people with disabilities. I am interested in human resource management where companies recognize employees as being valuable and useful. I want to study not only in university but in society or by visiting companies in which people with disabilities work.

CWAJ Fukushima Relief Scholarship

0.5 million

KANNO, Noriko

Bachelor of Education, Special course for nursing teaching, Faculty of Education, Hirosaki University.

Study Program: MSN, Oncology Nursing, Graduate School of Nursing, Fukushima Medical University

Comment: After a family member was diagnosed with cancer, I experienced the suffering of cancer patients and their families and realized how inadequate my nursing experience was. Therefore, I enrolled in a master’s degree program focusing on oncology nursing. I believe this will help me contribute to future medical care. Although it is difficult for me to balance my life as a medical student and being a parent, I have learnt from experienced teachers and colleagues how to create a work-life balance.

MORI, Miyuki

Bachelor of Nursing, Fukushima Medical University

Study Program: MSN, Fukushima Medical University Graduate School of Nursing, Maternity Nursing Sciences

Comment: Since I began working as a midwife, I have the weight of responsibility though also seeing miracles at the moment of childbirth. Now, I have decided to further my education at graduate school where I am surrounded by unique classmates and professors. Leveraging my education at the Graduate School, I aim to be a midwife who can support persons in the maternity cycle to continue their happy life with their own power.

USUI, Yuka

Study Program: Fukushima Medical University School of Nursing 3rd year student

Comment: My goal is to become a midwife whose wide knowledge and technique can be trusted. I feel fortunate at the thought that as a midwife I will be able to witness the birth of new lives. Traditionally, midwives and mothers have worked together closely to ensure safe childbirth for mothers. I want to learn more about the mental aspect of care and the acute stages of care, in addition to women's studies and midwifery with the ultimate aim of being a midwife that mothers can rely on. 


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