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2022 Scholar Updates

The 2022 Scholars finished their scholarship years at the beginning of summer. It is so rewarding to hear their reports. Here are a couple of highlights!

SA Scholars
Yuna Nakayasu is studying Public Health and Business at Johns Hopkins University. She reported that she received awards for all three case competitions that she entered, worked on research with three different professors, and was honored by the school in their social media as “student spotlight of the month” for her accomplishments.
Ai Hirabayashi is studying Couple and Family Therapy at McGill University, and says that she will be finishing this program not only with new professional knowledge and skills but also with a more inclusive and open-minded set of values. Her goal after finishing this program is to become a couple and family therapist who can support clients to find their own unique way of happiness in their relationships.

NJG Scholars
Eiman Yassin was accepted in the PROM exchange Program from University of Warsaw in Poland for a three week exchange program where she shared her research, and is on track to finish her PhD in Education and Psychology at International Christian University by the end of 2023.
Parnian Ahmadi aims to complete her PhD in Veterinary Parasitic Disease at the University of Miyazaki in spring 2024. She published her research on drug dosing to combat Eimeria protozoa that affects cattle and poultry, and presented her work at the FAVA International Conference in Fukuoka. She is now working on vaccination research. She is seeking funding to finish her degree, and after that will look for post-graduate work in Japan due to the restrictions women face in Afghanistan.

NS Scholars
Sakura Hyuga will graduate nursing school next year. She found satisfaction nursing a patient with dementia, and after graduation, she is interested in nursing in a hospital for elderly people and nursing in homes.
Misa Negishi is interested in disaster nursing, and plans to work in a hospital after graduation. Her student group got an official cognition from Japan Society of Disaster Nursing.
Mikuni Oikawa will be working as a public health nurse after her graduation. Her university presented her with a Community and Social Action Award for her volunteer work.
Nanasa Takahashi assisted at nine childbirths this year. She qualified as a nurse and midwife and is currently working in nursing in her chosen field.
Yuki Tamaoka reports that she serves as club president of both her university’s Health Education Club and People-Centered-Care Club. She led health education classes in the community, targeting elementary school students. She also participated in the BOND Project, a non-profitable organization based in Tokyo that helps girls and young women needing psychological or financial assistance. Her goal is to be accepted into a graduate program in Public Health.
Nami Uesugi found her work interacting with patients in a clinical setting to be very worthwhile. She will begin her graduation project and enter her last year of nursing study. She wants to become a specialized pediatric/palliative nurse who also contributes to training the next generation of nurses.

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Director of Scholarship: Miyuki Fukuma