Appeal for JVDCB Volunteers

VVI teaches English classes twice a week at the Japan Vocational Development Center for the Blind and Low Vision. These classes are meaningful to adults who are retraining for the workplace after losing their vision.

Recently, we have welcomed a few new volunteer teachers, but at the same time, some experienced teachers have had to cut back on their teaching times due to family commitments and health issues. On top of that, one of our most reliable teachers has left Japan. If we cannot recruit more volunteers, we are concerned that we might have to cancel some classes in the future. This would not be good for the students, since they are more likely to make progress if they have regular weekly lessons.

So whether you are a new CWAJ member who is curious about JVDCB classes, or if you are a long-term member who once again has time for volunteer activities with VVI, we’d like to hear from you.  You don’t need to be a native speaker of English!  It is helpful for students to interact with speakers with a variety of accents. Even if you can only teach once or twice in the semester, it will be of help to us. And you don’t need previous teaching experience. We’ll pair you up with an experienced teacher while you see how things work. For more information, contact