Mini Library
Did you know that the Mini Library contains many wonderful books related to CWAJ and they are available for all CWAJ members to borrow? There are a total of 166 books, including poetry books by Empress Emerita Michiko, art books, donated books, CWAJ publications, books by CWAJ scholars, and more! We have recently received a book titled Jyunenkan no Kiroku (Record of Ten Years) from Dr. Niwa Shinichi in which CWAJ’s Fukushima Relief Project is mentioned. The Lecture Series handbooks will offer you a wealth of information on Japanese culture, too. You can learn so much from these books. They can be lent out for one whole month. Too busy to read a book? Then, just pick one up and browse whenever you come to the Center. Enjoy!

Reserving and Using the CWAJ Center
The CWAJ Center is conveniently located near to Meguro Station. It is a space that can be used by members to hold meetings, store archives and carry out administrative matters. The new CWAJ Center is one large room rather than an office and meeting space. It can hold up to 20 people for meetings. This means that we have reduced the booking sheet to just one reservation at a time. It is, however, possible for two small groups to meet at the same time.  If you have a small group, you can indicate that you are “willing to share” when making your reservation.
The reservation calendar can be checked here.  If the Center is free, you can email to make a booking. We have recently changed Center Guideline policy so that mask wearing is optional.  We ask that you are considerate in your use of the Center, by keeping it clean and only visiting if you are feeling healthy. 

Center Volunteers
Moving to the new office in Room 601 this spring has changed how Center Volunteers work as there is no partition separating the meeting area and the office space like we used to have in Room 703. Currently, one to three volunteers show up on Saturdays, usually starting around 14:00 to sort out incoming mail and do light cleaning at the center. This scheme is still on trial but as there are meetings and group activities at the center during weekdays, it’s better for us to avoid sharing the same space and so far, it seems to be working nicely.

Current Center Volunteers are Kondo Tomoe, Yanagita Masako, Oshima Reiko, Suzuki Reiko, Ozawa Fumie, Hanajiri Kyoko, Kobayashi Fumiko, Ando Marie, Nakamura Kazuko, and Mamada Masako. Kudos to our Center Volunteers!! …and … New volunteers are always welcome!!

We welcome new volunteers or perhaps you would like to fill a Center Manager, Computer Coordinator or Archivist position in the future. Feel free to register your interest! Email