College Women's Association of Japan
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2024 March Board Meeting Highlights 

The CWAJ Board met from 10:00 to 12:00 on Wednesday, March 6, 2024.

The following matters were discussed:

Heidi Sweetnam, President, expressed appreciation to the Board for their efforts to stay focused on the Board’s financial goals. She noted that CWAJ operates with a small operational budget and an estimated 5,000 hours of volunteer work. Very impressive. Fundraising options were discussed.

The Board thanked Yuko Seki for her service as CWAJ Treasurer. She is stepping down due to her recent promotion and related extensive travel requirements. The Board welcomed new Treasurer, Junko Hayashima. We very much appreciate both Yuko and Junko’s support of CWAJ.

Additional matters discussed:

Yuko Seki, Treasurer, presented the first half of the budget for 2025, the Scholarship and Education Management Income and Expenses. The second half of the budget, the Print Show Budget, will be presented at the April Board Meeting. At that time, the Board will formally vote on the budget. The budget continues to be very tight.

Fundraising options were again discussed.
This month, Yoko Moskowitz, Vice President, plans to seek a student/intern assistant.

Suz Wilkinson, Director of Scholarship, reported that the Scholarship Committee is close to finalizing scholarship awards. Interviews were held on February 17, 24 and March 2. The committee is very pleased with the decisions and is excited to plan the May General Meeting where the scholars will be introduced.
Suz also announced that the 2023-24 Annual Report is now ready for distribution. Everyone is encouraged to use it as an easy and vibrant way to explain CWAJ to prospective members and donors.

Joanna Chinen, Parliamentarian, forwarded two proposals for review later in the meeting.

Miyuki Fukuma, Director of Membership, reported one new Non-Japanese Regular Member joined CWAJ. There will be a New Members’ Coffee on Saturday, April 13 at Suz Wilkinson’s home.

Naoko Yagura, Director of the Print Show, reported the Print Show had its first PS All Committee Meeting. The Committee is still looking to fill a few more roles. As of March 1, artists have been sending in their submissions via our online Jotform as opposed to paper applications. Many thanks to Kristen Hughes. The Print Show is already planning the September 25 PS Kickoff General Meeting. The Print Show dates are October 16 to 20.

Carol Iwanaga, Director of Education, via a submitted report, reported that JVDCB transferred 45,000 yen, as of February 22 , as payment for our lessons. There will be an ECG event on May 11 from 11:00 to 13:30. EOC met with children at St. Joseph’s Home on February 7. The FSC is planning a March 17 program for FSC students and CWAJ members.

Mio Ikenaga, Director of Cultural Programs, reported a tremendous turnout with 120 registrations for the February General Meeting where the speaker was Dr. Kay Paterson from Australia. The speaker for the March General Meeting is Yu Tazawa, founder and CEO of BnA Co.

Hillary Kobayashi, Director of Public Relations, reported good success with their publicity efforts to advertise IWD on March 8. A representative from Yomiuri Shimbun, Nihon Keizai Shimbun and Madame Figaro attended the IWD event. The Social Media team has been posting three times a week. They are in need of more content, especially from the special interest groups.

Momo Kamimura, Director of Communication, reported that her team is working hard to attract more non- members to the CWAJ website. Webmaster Kyoko and Development Director Emily Brown have added a donation button to the top bar of the homepage. Recently, the website has been malfunctioning in various ways. Kyoko and the consultant have been troubleshooting to resolve the issues. Kristen Hughes and Amy Fujii have been meeting to identify possible improvements to the linkage between Wild Apricot and the WordPress website.

Emily Brown, Director of Development, reported that the plans for the IWD are underway and that they expect a full room on March 8 . Since the last board meeting, Emily helped Heidi and Yoko to lead a group discussion about possible fundraising activities targeting non- members as part of the 75th anniversary. There is interest in making the donate button an efficient and easy way to donate. This will require the establishment of a Stripe account.

Three Proposals were approved:
1. Proposal to form a 75th Special Initiative Committee to coordinate CWAJ’s 2024-25 program to honor the organization’s 75th anniversary. 
Submitted by Heidi Sweetnam, Presidenta
Date: March 6, 2024

The 75th Special Initiative Committee: 
The President will appoint a committee chair who will report to the President. If requested, the chair will report directly to the Board. The committee will be made up of four to six members, recruited by the President. The program of work is multi-faceted and is expected to include: a social media campaign to improve the visibility of the organization; a set of member gatherings to celebrate accomplishments of the organization over the past 75 years; one or more fundraising events organized in honor of the 75th anniversary that will attract both members and non members of the general public; and corporate outreach that highlights the organization’s 75 years of success and attracts the attention of corporations that share in our mission to empower women through education.

Proposal to accept the scholarship allocation budget passed at Scholarship General Meeting on February 29, 2024. Submitted by: Suz Wilkinson, Director of Scholarship
Date: March 6, 2024

At the Scholarship General Meeting on February 29, five scholarship allocation proposals were discussed. There was a lively discussion and in the end, the members voted in favor of the proposal shown below:  Scholarship allocation for 2025 is ¥13 milion.

Amount in yen

No. of Scholarships

Total Amount


3.5 million


7 million


2.0 million


4 million



2.0 million

1.0 million yen for 2 SJ 


2.0 million for 1 SA 

2 million


5 or 6 

13 million

3. Proposal to form an Expo 2025 Special Committee to coordinate CWAJ’S program at the ‘WA’ space, Women’s Pavilion
Submitted by Joanna Chinen, Parliamentarian (Cartier liaison, Development Committee) 
Date: March 6, 2024

Expo 2025 Women’s PavilionPavillion Committee: The President will appoint a committee chair who will report to the President. If requested, the chair will report directly to the Board. The committee chair will form a committee of three to five members. This committee will coordinate with Cartier Japan. They will plan and organize all details for the CWAJ program to be held at the ‘WA’ space, Women’s Pavilion, Osaka/Kansai Expo 2025
For reference: The rationale for this program, which was approved in January, is that this is an opportunity to show CWAJ to a huge audience in Japan and presumably to overseas visitors in an event that highlights women. The vision of the program is exactly who we are, “women’s empowerment aimed at creating a society where all women can play an active role.” Cartier Japan is a generous donor-partner of CWAJ and it benefits us to keep our relationship strong.