Sneak-peek at this year’s Print Show – The Magic of the Print Making

You can already have a sneak-peek at this year’s Print Show simply by watching the series of the videos we have prepared this year, named The Magic of the Print Making. The series is comprised of six videos, each featuring the work of one artist and theirs unique production process. Why do they go to all that trouble? Why not just paint or draw? Preparing the plate requires planning, creativity and expertise, and then the printing is an art in itself. When you watch these artists at work, you will understand why they are dedicated to printmaking, and why every impression is an original work of art.

Linocut by HIROTA Raifu 
Stone lithograph by ICHINO Yu 
Silkscreen by MOMMA Hidemi 
Mezzotint by OMORI Hiroyuki 
Woodblock/gold leaf by SEKINO Yowsaku 
Lithograph by SONOYAMA Harumi