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November 2023 Board Meeting Highlights

Proposals passed:

1) To work with Highfield Hall (HH) in Falmouth, USA, to hold a CWAJ traveling Print Show there in the summer of 2025
2) To create a working committee under the Director of Public Relations for award research and writing applications
3)   To organize the annual CWAJ International Women’s Day (IWD) event in March 2024

There was also a suggestion made from Yoko Moskowitz to celebrate the 75th anniversary of CWAJ in 2024. CWAJ has been celebrating anniversaries in 10 years’ interval, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, and the next one would be 80th in 2029. However, as the 75th anniversary is internationally considered a milestone, we will try to celebrate it in some form, such as by creating a logo, or by organizing small gatherings and events.

Print Show: 
1) Print Show Opening Reception: Attended by more than 160 people, including artists, donors and special guests. After the toast by Dr. Kit Brooks, NJG scholar Elizabeth Gamarra and YPA awardee Tsubasa Sato were introduced to the guests. Loro Piana Woman Artist Award was presented to Akari Uehara. 
2) On Saturday October 21, two Denzen Award artists (primary and junior high school students) and their parents came to the Print Show, accompanied by some members of the Young Entrepreneurs Group of Sukagawa in Fukushima.
3) Gallery talk by Dr. Kit Brooks and “baren” demonstration by GOTOU Hidehiko were both well received.
4) Some preliminary sales figures: sales of prints and products are estimated to be around 20 million yen, which is a good figure compared to last year.