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Task Force: How Should We Improve CWAJ?

If you didn’t already complete the 2023 CWAJ Task Force Survey, it is still available until November 6. If you completed it already, thank you! If not, please follow the link at the end of this article to give your opinion.
The Task Force has made a shortlist of possible operational improvements to work on this year. We will research and make concrete recommendations to the Board for improvements in one or two areas from among the following items:

  1. Assist Committees in Sharing Mission Statement, Goals and Activities for Transparency and Information Sharing
  2. Integrate and Simplify Payments: Make a Recommendation to the Board
  3. Membership Recruitment: Review Member Recruitment and Make a Recommendation to the Board
  4. Review Volunteer Commitments and Make Recommendation to the Board
  5. CWAJ Organization Structure: Review and Make Recommendation
  6. CWAJ Mission and Goals: Review and Initiate a Strategic Planning Process

Your perspective as a CWAJ Member is valuable, and therefore we are seeking your input in prioritizing the work of the Task Force. 

Please fill out the following form to rank these items in order of priority:

The survey will be available until end of day November 6, Monday (JST)
Thank you for participating!
Kristen Hughes, Momoyo Kamimura, Marijke Munsiff, Yuri Toyota, and Ruthie Rogers
2023 CWAJ Task Force