Month: October 2018

November Luncheon

このプログラムに関しましては、会の進行が全て英語で行われるため、ご案内も英語のみでのご提供となります。 Topic: World War I, Bando Camp and Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony Speaker: Dr. Inga Streb Date: November 14, 2018 (Wednesday) Venue: Tokyo American Club Time: 11:30 Social Gathering  / 11:50 Luncheon Fee: ¥4,000 members  /  ¥4,500 guests RSVP: by noon on 8 November 2018 Go to Reservation Page At the beginning of WW1 in 1914, roughly 4,700 soldiers from Germany and Austria-Hungary were conveyed to and imprisoned in Japan after their defeat in Qingdao, China. Initially, they were sheltered in public buildings, but then moved in 1916 to six specifically erected POW camps in different places in Western Japan. One of these camps was situated in the former village of Bandō, near the

鎌倉散策 ’18年5月 21日

注:このプログラムに関しましては、会の進行が全て英語で行われるため、ご案内も英語のみでのご提供となります。 Private Tour of Renjo-in and Shojin-ryori Lunch at Komyo-ji   On Monday, May 21, we visited two temples next to each other situated near Zaimokuza Beach in Kamakura, away from the bustling streets around Hachiman Shrine.  Attendees had a choice of their own to come to the temple: share a taxi or take a local bus from Kamakura station where two members offered to stand as a guide, or drive as the temple has ample parking spaces. The exclusive private tour of Renjo-in started at 11: 00 with a talk by the Head Priest Sensho Yoshida about the history of the temple and its religion Jodo sect.  Then he


注:このプログラムに関しましては、会の進行が全て英語で行われるため、ご案内も英語のみでのご提供となります。 A FSC General Meeting will be held in September (maybe September 13 or 14).   May and June Meeting There will be no events in May and June.   July: Kabuki for Students at National Theater Date: July 15, Sunday Venue: National Theater at Hanzomon 国立劇場 Twenty first-class seats are reserved for FSC students, CWAJ members, and family Title of Play: Yamata-no-Orochi & Susanoo-no-mikoto”「八岐大蛇と素戔嗚尊」from Nihon Furisode Hajime「日本振袖始」 by Chikamatsu Monzaemon 近松門左衛門 Cast: Iwanagahime/ Yamata-no-Orochi = Nakamura Tikizo Inadahime = Bandoh Shingo Susanoo-no mikoto = Nakamura Kinnosuke Time Line: From 10:30 to 11:00: Doors open. Pick up your ticket at FSC desk at the entrance to the big hall 11:00: