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October 2023 Board Meeting Highlights

Membership: Proposal was submitted and approved to streamline the membership fee system for those joining mid-year, outside the membership renewal months of May to September. 
*10,000 yen for those joining from October to February
*5,000 yen for those joining in March or April
New Members Coffee will be held on November 11 (from 10:30)

Print Show: Preparations are underway for the Print Show. Over 100 guests are expected to attend the opening night reception. Donors’ special preview sale will be held October 14 to 15. Several events are planned during PS:
October 19, Thursday, 18:30 Reunion gathering with visiting overseas members 
October 20, Friday, 16:00 Lecture by Dr Kit Brooks
October 21, Saturday,  Hands on Art workshops with Akane Torii of the Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo
October 22, Sunday, 14:00 Presentation by print artist GOTOU Hidehiko

Scholarship: Selection Committee coordinators have been decided for Study Abroad (SA), Non-Japanese Graduates (NJG) and Visually Impaired (SVI) and they are now looking for committee members to join.

Public Relations: Please continue to spread the word about our Print Show and the Online Gallery to follow.

Cultural Programs: Upcoming monthly general meetings:-
November: a zoom only program
December: an in-person lunch event at FCCJ

Development:  An event is being planned for International Women’s Day (March 8, 2024). Any ideas or suggestions are welcome.