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October Announcements

This month, we warmly welcome our two most recent members:
Aida Kozhomberdieva (Kyrgyzstan)
Marie Christine Tsunoda (Japan/USA) 

Aida is a student at Waseda University, and she is currently conducting research into the job-hunting process for people with disabilities. Aida is looking forward to volunteering with the VVI program at Japan Vocational Development Centre for the Blind and Low Vision (JVDCB), and we are very happy to receive her input! Marie Christine has a background in academia, and experience as a media personality. She hopes to use her skills and connections in the media to benefit our Publicity team.

One of the best things about our work is meeting with prospective and new members! Over the past couple of weeks, it has been our privilege to meet with prospective members from a range of cultural and professional backgrounds, with further introductory meetings scheduled. We’re excited to confirm their registrations soon, and welcome them to CWAJ. 

Thank you to those of you who have referred acquaintances to CWAJ and recommended our organisation to family and friends. We are always appreciative of referrals – prospective members can contact us via the CWAJ website,, or email us directly at if they would like more information about becoming a member. Now is a great time to join CWAJ, with our annual Print Show soon to be upon us! Please consider volunteering for this fabulous event, as well as the many other volunteer openings that the Scholarship and Education Committees have.

Lastly, the membership renewal period has now closed. It has been an especially busy time for the Member Activities Committee and we are grateful to those members who renewed on time, as well as those of you who were patient as we worked through some minor technical difficulties. If you haven’t already done so, please make it a priority to register for the CWAJ Member-Only website (found here via the home page of our public website It makes the renewal process easier for members and the MA Committee alike. If you are having difficulty registering or logging into the Member-Only site, please let us know so that we can assist you.

Membership Co-Chairs: Anna Said Pullicino and Yuri Toyota