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Scholarship General Meetings: 2025 Fund Allocation

The CWAJ scholarship year is in full swing as Selection Committees are working on choosing our 2024 Scholars. 

All CWAJ members are cordially invited to attend Scholarship General Meetings (SGMs). 

Please email if you would like to join the SGM for the first time (if you were invited in the past, you will receive the meeting information by email).


Scholarship General Meetings are where policies relating to scholarships are discussed and decisions are taken. We hope that new members will attend to learn more about the Scholarship Committee. No special knowledge or background is necessary.

First meeting: Friday, January 26, 10:00 hybrid Zoom and CWAJ Center **Note that Scholarship meetings are usually on Thursdays, but this meeting will be on Friday** 

We will discuss the financial allocation proposal for the 2025 scholarships as well as hear updates from the Scholarship Committee officers. 

Second meeting: Thursday, February 15, 10:00, hybrid. The Scholarship Committee will finish the discussion and then take a vote on the budget allocation for 2025. The work of all of the Selection Committees will be almost finished and we will hear their progress reports. 

For more information about the activities of Scholarship Committee, please contact one of the Scholarship officers at 

Director of Scholarship
: Suz Wilkinson
Scholarship Co-chair
: Noriko Tanaka and Kristen Hughes