Application Form In Text Format (SVI-SA)

*You must meet each requirement in order to qualify for the scholarship. CWAJ allows no exceptions to these requirements.
*You may not apply from abroad.
*Neither your application nor anything else you send to us will be returned. Any materials in addition to those requested in this application will be disregarded.
Scholarship for the Visually Impaired to Study Abroad (SVI-SA Program)
One Scholarship of 3.0 Million yen
1. Applicants must be visually impaired women or men with a Certificate of Disability Grade 1-6.
2. Applicants must be Japanese nationals or special permanent residents (tokubetsu eijusha) of Japan living in Japan from the time of application until March 31, 2019. Applicants currently studying or living abroad are ineligible.
3. Applicants for an undergraduate award must have completed at least two years of undergraduate studies in a Japanese university (four-year course) by March 31, 2019.
4. Applicants for a graduate award must have graduated with a degree from a Japanese university (four-year course) by June 30, 2019.
5. Applicants must be accepted into a program taught in English at an accredited university or research institution abroad by March 31, 2019, and must be enrolled within that year for the 2019-2020 academic year.
6. Applicants must submit a TOEFL or IELTS score as a part of the application. The test must have been taken after October 1, 2016.
7. Holders of scholarships greater than 2.0 million yen from any other scholarship programs are ineligible. Financial aid and awards from the university where the applicant will study may not be subject to the same limitation.
8. Members of CWAJ are ineligible.
Interviews of the finalists will be held in Tokyo. You will be notified at least two weeks in advance if you have been selected for an interview. The interviews will take place in February 2019 and are usually held on a weekend day. The interview will be conducted in English. Applicants will be notified of the results by email and in writing.
The methods, rankings and judgments used by CWAJ are proprietary and totally confidential. CWAJ does not enter into any discussion of its decisions.
November 7, 2018: Deadline for requesting application forms by e-mail and postal mail. Application forms will continue to be available online.
Period of acceptance: Wednesday, November 7, through Wednesday, November 14, 2018. Applications must be postmarked on or between these dates only, or the application will not be considered.
February 2019: Interviews and notification of recipient.
Form 1 Application for Scholarship
1. Personal Information. Fill in all items. Address for Future Reference should be an address where you expect to be able to receive mail for the next several years. for example, the address of parents or close relatives. A personal email address is required.
2. Educational Qualifications. List your most recently attended university first, then all others in reverse order.
3. TOEFL or IELTS Score. Indicate highest score received on any tests taken after October 1, 2016.
4. Previous Study Abroad/International Experience. Include all international assignments, travel, study, conferences or other experiences, except for brief vacations.
5. Proposed study program. Fill in all information that applies.
6. Work/Volunteer/Other Experience. Use this space for significant extracurricular as well as work and volunteer experience. Please account for any period longer than three months when you were not working or in school. Attach additional sheets if necessary.
7. Significant Publications, Presentations, Honors and Awards. Include both academic and non-academic awards and honors. Information on published work should include name and date of publication, and publisher. Indicate whether presentations were refereed or non-refereed. DO NOT send actual publications, abstracts or title pages.
8. References. List names, titles, and institutions of individuals to whom you will give Form 3, the Letter of Reference.
9. Financial Information. List all forms of financial aid you have received during your university education, including current and promised aid. Indicate the beginning and ending dates of the periods during which you received each form of financial aid. In the second space, list other scholarships for which you have applied.
Form 2  Essay
Complete the essay in English using both pages of Form 2, text only (no photos or graphics). Your essay may be word-processed or handwritten and may be completed on another sheet of paper and pasted to Form 2, but it must not exceed 800 words. Sign and date your application on the second page of the form, above the line that says Signature of applicant.
Form 3  Two Letters of Reference
Give a copy of Form 3 to two different professors and/or employers or other persons who know you well in a recent academic or professional capacity. Remind them that references must be in English or have an English translation attached. Each original must be sealed in an envelope marked with your name and -Confidential-. The referee should sign or stamp across the envelope seal and return the sealed envelope to you for inclusion in your application. The person completing the reference must not be a relative or personal friend.
Follow the instructions on the checklist below exactly. Late or incomplete applications or applications with insufficient copies will not be considered.
Your application must include ALL of the following documents (a to f) in one envelope, clearly marked -APPLICATION ENCLOSED, SVI-SA PROGRAM-.
Any document that is NOT IN ENGLISH must be accompanied by an English translation.
a) One original set plus two copies of your completed application (total of 3 sets), each application set must include the application documents listed from i) to iii).
Make single-sided copies only, on A4 paper. Please use paperclips only (no staples). Assemble each set in the following order:
i) Form 1, Completed CWAJ Application.
ii) Form 2, Essay.
iii) Certified Transcripts in English, including transcripts of any transferred credits, from every undergraduate and graduate university you have attended (past or present), along with an explanation of the marking system. This explanation is crucial for the Selection Committee to properly understand each transcript. If your university has an official document explaining its system, please include it. If it has none, ask the university to provide a brief explanation or do your best to explain it yourself. DO NOT send copies of diplomas or certificates of any kind.
b) One photocopy of your TOEFL or IELTS score.
c) One photocopy of your Certificate of Disability.
d) Two CWAJ Letter of Reference Forms (Form 3), with your name and the envelope seal signed or stamped by the referee.
e) Two envelopes (12cm x 23.5cm) both addressed with your name and current address in Japan including the postal code, and an 82-yen stamp affixed to each envelope.
f) Remit ¥2,000 application handling fee to the following:
Bank of Mitsubishi UFJ三菱UFJ銀行
Meguro Branch (#680)目黒支店(店番680)
Savings Account No: 0259076普通預金口座:0259076
Ippan Shadan Hojin CWAJ一般社団法人CWAJ
** When filling out the bank form, put SVISA after your name (example: Yamada Hanako SVISA).
** Any bank fee is to be paid by the applicant.
** Put a copy of the receipt in the application packet when you send it. Your application will be ineligible without a copy of the receipt.
MAIL your application to the address below, postmarked on or between Wednesday, November 7 and Wednesday, November 14, 2018.
Send by regular mail or Letterpack Light.
Do not send by registered mail (yubin kakitome), Letterpack Plus, takuhaibin, or any method that requires a signature/hanko upon delivery, as these will NOT be accepted.
CWAJ Scholarship Committee
CWAJ Center
2-24-13-703 Kami-Osaki
Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo 141-0021
– SVI-SA Application Enclosed –
CWAJ does not accept applications from persons living outside of Japan. We regret that we will be unable to respond to any application filed by a person whose current address is not in Japan.
All inquiries should be sent to our email address:
End of Instructions.