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September Greetings

Foreign Students’ Circle (FSC)
Co-chairs: Akiko Nakano and Gwen Catley

1) The last “Kabuki for students” events at National Theater
FSC had the last “Kabuki for students” events at National Theater on July 9 and July 15.

It was a good chance for foreign students to experience Kabuki, also for CWAJ members to get together. The number of student participants was less than that of last year. It was because the Kabuki program Hikimado in July this year didn’t have much spectacles students like to see, as fighting scenes, transformations or dance scenes. Also, the story was a little complicated for them to understand in traditional Japanese. They have no earphone guide service this year.

This theater will be closed in October this year for the renovation. National Theater’s ‘Kabuki for students’ project will continue in other theaters in Tokyo for six years until the opening of New National Theater at the same place.

2) FSC GM will be held on September 22 at CWAJ Center in Meguro. The meeting will start at 10:00. We will review 2023 FSC activities, and talk about up- coming programs.

We welcome anyone who is interested in our activities. Especially, new comers are welcome! We need your new ideas and suggestions.