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CWAJ 70周年記念 カルチャー プログラム インドネシアを知ろうー音楽、お話、お茶を楽しみながら



Exploring Indonesia – Enjoy Music, Stories and Food



This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image.pngインドネシアについてのお話と
インダ プトゥリの3人の演奏家が100本のアンクルンを駆使して、クラッシックから民謡まで演奏します。

プログラム:インドネシアについてのお話(講師:ミラ ジュノ)
アンクルン演奏 (演奏:インダ プトゥリ)
チケット:¥2,500 (学生¥1,000)



Date: September 11, 2019
Topic:  Disabled Individuals Actively Working in Society
Speaker:  Natsuko Izena
Venue: Toko American Club
Time: 11:30 Social Gathering   11:50 Luncheon
Fee: ¥5,000 members   ¥6,000 guests
RSVP by noon on September 5, 2019


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CWAJ Sept 2019 Luncheon Meeting

Please join us and meet Natsuko Izena a remarkable woman who would like to talk about her life, her work, and about raising her children despite as she calls them “my difficulties”.

Natsuko wrote to us saying “My bones are weak and are a handicap because I have osteogenesis imperfecta. I’m really small, only 100cm tall. I use a wheelchair, yet I enjoy travelling and studied in the U.S.A. and Denmark. I have support from 10 care workers 10 hours a day, plus friends and young people come and help me and my family. My son and daughter are both already taller than me; they love to ride with me on my wheelchair!

I am a newspaper columnist and a web media Huffington Post Japan commentator. I write about my experiences in Japan, especially about how often people with disabilities have few chances to study at university and get a good job.

Some people think separating disabled from “normal” people and providing special education and opportunities for them is better for the disabled. I really oppose this idea as it serves to ensure that they have fewer chances for a reasonable experience of living. I really want to change this prejudice and to make our world better for all unique people. All people have a right to a good education, to be able to find meaningful jobs, to have the chance to get married and have children.

Some people opposed my new ideas. Some doctors objected to my wish to get pregnant and refused to check my body. I explained my dreams and met a supportive doctor and now I have two happy children. My idea is that we all work together to make our dreams come true. I want to help others to achieve their best by using my abilities, by encouraging us all to support each other.

Elizabeth Handover is the Lumina LearningJapan Partner and President. An extensivecareer in theatre performance, teaching and learning & development underpins her expertise in leadership development. Elizabeth has had the opportunity to gain experience and expertise in the field of female leadership. Passionate about empowering women, she has come to work increasingly with women in organizations. While supporting them to find the courage and confidence to step up to leadership, she has also become keenly aware of both the external and internal barriers still facing women and the need for women to empower themselves to step up and be part of the change

In her interactive presentation Elizabeth will share some of the thinking and the habits that may still hold us back and how 4 Key Qualities can help us play a more active role in our own life and career development.

 Menu –

~ Roasted Beets and Wild Ruccola Salad, Macadamia Nuts Dust Ruccola Pistou, Orange Dressing
~ Autumn Salmon En Croute with Soft Polenta and Seasonal Green Vegetable, Yuzu Butter  
~ Vegetarian Option: Wild Mushroom Risotto with Grilled Autumn Vegetables
~ Milk Chocolate Mousse