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CWAJ Scholarship Programs promote women's leadership shine 1949.  We support higher education for the visually impaired. The pursuit of scholarship, the nurturing of leadership, a deep…


CWAJ Education committee’s main purpose is to provide educational and cultural opportunities for foreign students and the visually impaired through English language and cross-cultural programs.…

Scholarships & Awards

Graduate Scholarships

- For Japanese Women to Study Abroad     - For Non-Japanese Women to Study in Japan

Scholarship for the Visually Impaired

- To Study Abroad     - To Study in Japan

Print Show Awards

- Young Printmaker Award

We Can Make a Better Future

Across the globe, educated women are powerful agents of social change, transforming families, institutions and societies. CWAJ’s mission is to support higher education, nurturing future leaders who will contribute to…


CWAJ is a group of Japanese and non-Japanese women who work to make a difference. Details about the scholarships we fund, the Print Show we organize, the educational programs we…


Find Us at Print Show

 For the second time, we are exhibiting at the beautiful, light-filled Hillside Forum gallery in…

Where & When

We nurture Friendships

Monthly Luncheon

Our monthly luncheons offer unique opportunities for learning and education, for promoting cross-cultural values, for entertainment and for encouraging new continued friendships. If you are…

Cultural Programs

This page is under construction.

Special Interest Groups

This page is under construction.   CWAJ offers a variety of activities for members where we can develop and nurture friendship. The Japanese Conversation Group…

Meet Us at Luncheon

Luncheon Programs

September Luncheon

TOPIC: Women’s Leadership Networking for Gender Equality SPEAKER: Ms Setsuko Yamazaki   The September luncheon is always a great opportunity to catch up with fellow members after the summer break…

Aug 3 , 2018

June Luncheon

TOPIC: Violin and Piano Duo SPEAKER: Pianist Natsumi Ikenaga and violinist Yuri Matsumoto   Please join us for what will surely be a memorable luncheon meeting. Pianist Natsumi Ikenaga and…

Jun 10 , 2018

May Luncheon

TOPIC: 2018 Scholarship Recipients and Presentation on "Milton in World Literature" SPEAKER: Prof. Hiroko Sano, Professor Emerita Aoyama Gakuin University and 1978 CWAJ SA Scholar This year we once again have incredible…

Jun 10 , 2018

April Luncheon

TOPIC: Women in the Media SPEAKER: Ms Yumiko Ono, Asia Digital Editor, Wall Street Journal (WSJ)   We are all exposed to media in one form or another on a daily,…

Jun 10 , 2018