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Please check out the Print Show Committee page for further details on the 61st Print Show.

The selection for the 2017 CWAJ Print Show was held on April 11, 2017 and it is our pleasure to  announce the winners of the 2017 Print Show Awards. 

2017 CWAJ Print Show Award 1 (JPY 100,000)
SANO Hiroaki (To Be)
Education: Tama Art University
Affiliations: Japan Print Association, The Japan Society of Printmaking

Juror's Award 5 (certificate, recognition in the catalogue)
1. HASEGAWAYuki (Indication 2017)
Education: Musashino Art School, Royal Academy of Art, The Hague
2. NAKAJIMA Yoshie (delightful dream #4)
Education: Musashino Art University Graduate School
Affiliations: Japan Print Association (AM)
3. WATANABE Kanako (Morning light)
Education: Tama Art University
Affiliations: Japan Print Association
4.YAMAGUCHI Tokiyo (Hu-Hu~)
Education: Musashino Art University
5.YUASA Katsutoshi (Between man and matter #2)
Education: Musashino Art University, College of Art London
Affiliations: Committee of University of Art & Print Studies in Japan

Confirming the dates and venues for the CWAJ Print Show to be held in 2017.
'Chiseled Variations' - Associate Print Show
Frederick Harris Gallery, Tokyo American Club
Tuesday September 26th - Sunday October 15th 2017
With some 30 works on display, this exhibition shows the exciting diversity of contemporary Japanese woodblock printing. 

61st CWAJ Print Show
Hillside Forum, Daikanyama, Tokyo
Wednesday October 25th to October 29th 2017
Following CWAJ's 'Kanreki' - 'rebirth' - 60th Print Show in 2015, we relaunch at a brand new venue in fashionable Daikanyama.

Kobe Show
at The Kobe Club
Wednesday November 15th - Sunday November 19th 2017
A delightful small show to highlight some gems of the Tokyo main show. 

Nickie Harland, Itoko Chiba, and Yoko Ueyama
2017 Print Show Co-chairs