Membership in the College Women’s Association of Japan offers many exciting opportunities for women, including LGBTQ+, to connect with Japan and with each other. Coming from around 25 nations including Japan, CWAJ members have made impressive achievements for seven decades. No other women’s organization in Tokyo offers such unique opportunities to volunteer in the community, that provide outlets for using skills and talents as we work toward shared goals and build indelible friendships transcending time and distance.

Our primary mission is the provision of scholarships. These scholarships are funded by donations and by proceeds from the CWAJ Print Show, an exhibition and sale of contemporary Japanese print art which is the largest of its kind in Japan. Members have the privilege of playing an active part in hanging the extraordinary Print Show and participating in the scholarship selection process.

The monthly general meeting features a powerful speaker series. Attending general meetings is always fascinating and fun-filled. CWAJ members also enjoy a wide range of cultural programs and events, as well as shared interest groups including hiking, languages, reading, music, and crafts.

Regular membership is 10,000 yen a year.
Junior membership is offered to individuals between 20 and 29 years of age for 5,000 yen a year.

Eligibility Requirements:
Minimum of two years at an academic institution of higher learning
Fluency in written and spoken English
Reside in Japan


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    Category and Yearly Fee Information:

    Regular Membership for 10,000 yen a year
    Eligibility to participate in all Association programs and Member activities
    Monthly CWAJ eNews, access to the CWAJ website, the CWAJ Directory, and all mailed communications
    All voting privileges of the General Membership
    Active participation in CWAJ Activities is expected, with a minimum of three volunteer sessions per year
    Participation in one committee is encouraged

    Junior Membership for 5,000 yen a year
    Junior Membership is available to individuals who are between 20 and 29 years of age.
    You can receive 50% off your Junior Membership and add a unique opportunity to your resume if you sign up as a Young Ambassador!

    Young Ambassadors will promote CWAJ Junior Membership to their university, social network, and community via their personal social media while tagging CWAJ. They will also distribute CWAJ print and virtual media to the appropriate parties within their network. In return for their hard work, we will allow Young Ambassadors to claim their activities on their resumes, receive a tailored recommendation letter from CWAJ, and receive a discounted Junior Membership rate (50% off or 2,500yen a year) for as long as they retain CWAJ Junior Membership.

    Junior Membership Status and Privileges will include:
    Eligibility to participate in all Association programs and Member activities including General Meetings, Cultural Programs, Special Interest Groups, and other events organized by CWAJ.
    Monthly CWAJ eNews, access to the CWAJ website, the CWAJ Directory, and all mailed communications.
    Full voting privileges.
    Membership term of two years.
    After completing the Junior Membership term, eligibility for regular membership.
    Active participation in CWAJ volunteer work is encouraged.

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