College Women's Association of Japan
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Special Interest Groups

Special Interest Groups reflect the personal interests of the CWAJ members. We have many groups that have remained active over a long period of time. Members are free to contact and join any of these groups at any time.

Friends of Music

Previous musical background is Not necessary. Your Love of Music is your greatest asset.

Friendly Crafters

No experience is necessary to participate! Most of our projects are easily done in one day. Group members share their knowledge and skills, but some more involved projects do have a materials charge.

Hiking Group

It is wonderful to experience the splendid and refreshing scenery from the top of a mountain. Our walks are not too hard to be enjoyable.

Reading Group

A different book is discussed each month. Reading group is often on the move taking occasional trips to destinations related to the authors and the stories they tell.

Friends of France

We learning about French culture. We always welcome new members.

Kogei Arts

Join us for visits and trips to meet artists and artisans and be amazed at the skill and beauty of the Kogei Arts of Japan.