College Women's Association of Japan
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Category: Voices from our members

Introducing Overseas Member: Roswitha Schulz

When faced with the choice between the United States and Japan, I immediately opted for Japan. “How long?” I asked my husband. “Two to three years,” he replied. It seemed like a feasible plan. Having studied languages in

Overseas Member Spotlight: Helen Siedell

When my husband accepted a corporate position in Tokyo in 1988, little did I know how profoundly my life would be changed with this move, and CWAJ played a large part in that. Our family lived in Tokyo

Morag Thomson’s Member Spotlight

Tell me about yourself… My name is Morag Thomson and I was born in Scotland some 80 years ago. As a child, my main aim in life was to become a Primary School teacher. This I achieved, and

Marilyn Gosling’s Member Spotlight

Tell me about yourself… I and my husband, Max, have been living for the last 15 years in our home city, Sydney, Australia, and delighted that the management of COVID19 has been so successful here.  As I write

Lindy Kerr’s Member Spotlight

Tell me about yourself… I have felt a bit like a privileged hermit in the past few years, hidden away in a new house I have helped to both design and build. This simple timber house is surrounded

Momoyo Kamimura’s Member Interview

Tell me about yourself… I grew up in a bilingual environment, mostly in Tokyo. After college, I worked briefly at NTT Communications Corporation before moving to USA, where I lived for fifteen years and enjoyed a career in