Across the globe, educated women are powerful agents of social change, transforming families, institutions and societies. CWAJ’s mission is to support higher education, nurturing future leaders who will contribute to a better world. Over the past six decades, CWAJ has provided scholarships and grants to over 800 individuals from 38 countries for university study for women outside their home countries, visually impaired men and women from Japan, and more recently, nursing students from Fukushima. CWAJ also provides encouragement to young print artists through its art awards. These scholarships are funded by individual and corporate donations and the proceeds from the CWAJ Print Show, an annual exhibition and sale of Japanese prints. CWAJ is a 100% volunteer organization of over 450 members from 30 nations and fully self-funds all operating expenses. All donations, as well as the proceeds from the Print Show, go directly to CWAJ’s Scholarship and Education programs, including our relief projects in Fukushima.

“The most important thing you’ve done for me is that you’ve made me want to be you. And by this I mean that just as all of you are giving me a helping hand today, I’m very much motivated to do the same for the next generation. The faith you have placed in me has kindled my fire to become a beneficial member of society.”
Taeko Itabashi, 2015 recipient of the CWAJ Graduate Scholarship for Japanese Women to Study Abroad.


Fund the Future!

CWAJ welcomes donations of any amount throughout the year. Thank you for considering a donation to support our worthwhile programs that benefit Japanese and international students, including many from developing countries; members of the visually impaired community; and young print artists.


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Mio Ikenaga and Laura Malory
Donations/Sponsorships Committee Co-chairs
Through support of the Japan Foundation Designated Donation Program, a tax deduction receipt from the Japan Foundation is available for donors to CWAJ who file tax return forms in Japan.