College Women's Association of Japan
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Overseas Membership

Overseas Membership is a membership category for those who have previously held regular CWAJ Membership but can no longer fulfill the residency requirement because they are living outside Japan. It is a wonderful way to maintain links with CWAJ members both in Japan and beyond and to help support the organization.

Privileges of Overseas Membership include:

  1. Eligibility to attend CWAJ programs when in Japan
  2. Eligibility and encouragement to participate in any volunteer activities when possible
  3. Access to the eNewsletter (password protected) and the CWAJ website
  4. Full voting privileges
  5. Receipt of the CWAJ Directory and the opportunity to connect with Overseas Members in your country of residence
  6. Eligibility to return to regular membership should your residence ever again be in Japan (most important for Japanese members who are currently living abroad)

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