Young Printmaker Award

CWAJ established the Young Printmaker Award in 2005 as part of the 50th Print Show celebration to encourage the development of young artists. Eligible applicants are the creators of the top 30 prints selected at the Annual Exhibition of the Association of Japanese Art Colleges held every year in December at the Machida City Museum of Graphic Arts. The recipient of this annual award of 500,000 yen is selected on the criteria of a project proposal, artistic potential, and creativity.

 2018 Winner Announcement


The 2018 Young Printmaker Award Committee is pleased to report that we have selected Ryo Nishimura as this year’s recipient out of ten applicants. This outstanding young artist and his works will be further introduced at this year’s Print Show.


In addition to the cash prize, the Young Printmaker is invited to exhibit at the CWAJ Print Show and also invited to exhibit a new print three years after receiving the award. This year CWAJ is pleased to invite the 2015 Young Printmaker Award recipient, Nao Masuda, to exhibit at the 2018 Print Show alongside this year’s winner Ryo Nishimura.

Ryo Nishimura graduated from Kyoto Seika University in 2016 and has graduated with an MFA from Kyoto City University of Art, studied under Nobuaki Onishi. With the award money Ryo Nishimura is planning to buy equipment such as an extra-large roller and a worktable for producing large-sized prints that he regularly makes. In the future he hopes to set up his own studio and establish a well-equipped working environment installed with a 1-meter-wide printmaking press.


Nao Masuda, 2015 Young Printmaker Award winner


Hiromi Matsumura, 2018 Director of Print Show
Masami Sakurai and Ylva Kelly, 2018 YPA Selection Committee Coordinators