College Women's Association of Japan
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Young Printmaker Award

CWAJ established the Young Printmaker Award in 2005 as part of the 50th Print Show celebration to encourage the development of young artists. Eligible applicants are the winning artists at the Annual Exhibition of the Japan Society of Printmaking. Selected on the criteria of a project proposal, artistic potential and creativity, the recipient is expected to use the cash award of 500,000 yen within one year for a specifi­c project. Additionally, the recipient has an opportunity to exhibit the Award print at the CWAJ Print Show and is also allowed to exhibit a new print three years after receiving the Award.

2023 Winner Announcement

SATO Tsubasa

Born: 1994 Tokyo, Residence: Kanagawa
Graduate School of Tama Art University

2019 APM Award for Poster Category, Japan Book Design Award
2020 Katsushika Young Art Competition 2020, Special Judges Award
2022 Tama Art University Graduation Exhibition, Best Graduate Art Work
Katsushika Young Art Competition 2022, Semi-Grand Prix Award
47th Annual Exhibition of the Japan Society of Printmaking, Outstanding Award

My woodblock prints are based on primitivism, which visualizes the complexity of communicating in modern society and emotions that cannot be expressed in words. Confrontation is an essential keyword in my art. I confront the emotions that emerge from directly inside me when I am carving the block. I believe that when I then examine what I have carved, I can confront my emotions from another perspective and understand myself again. I believe that knowing oneself is very important both in the creation of my works and in the visualization of emotions that cannot be verbalized in today’s society. Primitive art, with its simplified motifs, intuitive nature, and simplicity, possesses an enormous attraction. It conveys the instinctive strength of mankind that transcends the ages and religious perspectives which is an important essence of my work. By burning the woodblocks and strongly expressing the grain of the wood, I express the universal theme of the complexity of communication.

The YPA award money will be used to study primitivism, to produce a book of my prints, and to hold an exhibition to show my research results.

CWAJ Print Show Loro Piana Woman Artist Award

Inspired by CWAJʼs mission of fostering female leadership for more than 50 years and support of art through its annual exhibition of contemporary Japanese prints, leading Italian fashion brand Loro Piana Japan is collaborating with CWAJ with the donation of a special award, the CWAJ Print Show Loro Piana Woman Artist Award. The award (500,000 yen) is to encourage the career of a woman artist and the development of Japanese contemporary prints.

2023 Loro Piana Woman Artist Award Recipient


Born: 1999 Tochigi Prefecture, Residence: Tochigi
BA, MFK, Tohoku University of Art & Design, Department of Art & Design

2020 45th Annual Exhibition of the Japan Society of Printmaking, Outstanding Award
Solo Exhibition (Kawakami Sumio Museum)
2022 47th Annual Exhibition of the Japan Society of Printmaking, Outstanding Award and Visitors Award

The “resin print” technique I use is an original printmaking technique that I developed through extensive research. Epoxy resin is used in this technique instead of paper to transfer the image of the original plate, creating a “transparent print” that looks like ice. Combining the transparency of this material with the lyricism that resides in music and linguistic symbols, I create works that resemble lingering images of thoughts floating in our minds. I incorporate the shining light and shadow caused by the accidental dripping of resin grains. My goal is to present new possibilities of printmaking by combining the delicate expression of light derived by the new technique of “resin print” with my spirit of “drawing.” I hope to become an artist who can spark a small light in the hearts of viewers.