Artwork Submission

64th CWAJ Print Show (2021)
Artwork Submission

Submission period : April 1 – April 30

CWAJ would like to invite you, once again, to submit one of your latest original works, completed within the last two years, for possible inclusion in exhibition and sale in 2021.

The College Women’s Association of Japan (CWAJ) began its annual print show in 1956. The exhibition and sale of works of art has enabled CWAJ to fund more than 800 scholarships for Japanese, overseas and visually impaired students. Simultaneously, the show serves to present and promote the fascinating beauty of contemporary Japanese prints to the world.
CWAJ Print Show celebrated its 60th anniversary in 2015, and we are grateful to all those in the printmaking world who have supported us.

Our 64th show takes place in October 2021. For the third time, we will be exhibiting at the professional gallery of Hillside Forum at Daikanyama, one of the most fashionable areas of Tokyo. The online exhibition will be held concurrently.
We look forward to receiving many outstanding prints for this selection.


The 64th CWAJ Print Show
Oct 20 (Wed) ~ Oct 24 (Sun), 2021
Hillside Forum at Daikanyama

Hillside Terrace Bldg. F, 18-8 Sarugaku-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

The online exhibition will be held concurrently but the exact dates have not been decided.


Download Forms

• Artwork Submission Procedures (click here for PDF)
• Print/Catalogue Information Form (click here for PDF)

Rules for Entry

Artists eligible to submit to the annual CWAJ Print Show must be a resident of Japan at the time of submission, an artist who has previously been chosen for a CWAJ Print Show, or an artist who has a return address in Japan.

  1. All techniques and mediums of producing (hands on) original print art are acceptable.
  2. A maximum of one print, produced in 2019, 2020 or 2021 may be submitted.
  3. Print must be signed and numbered. Edition must be available. Edition numbers cannot be changed after submission. Mono-prints, and A.P. (also called E.A.) are ineligible.
  4. Print should not exceed the maximum allowable paper size of 80cm x 95cm.

NOTE: You cannot submit the works you already exhibited at the 2020 CWAJ Open Print Art Gallery online exhibition.


This year, selection will be carried out, using the submitted digital images only. The artworks will not be accepted before the selection is completed.

Print images

  • About 5 MB and 350 dpi (catalogue quality) are recommended. The submitted images will be transferred directly to the catalogue.

<Documents (two application forms)>

  1. Print Information Form (one for your submitted print)
  • The consent form is attached at the bottom of the print information form. Read it carefully and sign your name.
  1. Catalogue Information Form.
  • If you have submitted to the CWAJ Print Show before, this may be a reprint of information we already have on file. If so, please review and mark any changes or add any updates in red.
  • Please send the print image and the forms 1 and 2 as attachments to during the submission period.
  • Use your name as the subject line of your email and the titles of the attached files, by writing the family name first (all in upper case) and the given name last in the Roman alphabet. As for the two attached documents, add the number 1 to the title (after your name) of the form accompanying the submitted print and the number 2 to the title of the bio form. (See the examples shown below.) Send both files in PDF format if possible.

            The email subject line: ABE Miki The title of the form to accompany the submitted print: ABE Miki 1.pdf
           The title of the bio form: ABE Miki 2.pdf
           The title of the print image: ABE Miki jpg

  • Two forms are included, or download the forms from the CWAJ website or request via email to (include your name, mailing address and telephone number in your message).
  • Please fill them out carefully and completely as they are the main source of information for our data base and the catalogue.


  1. A non-refundable Submission Fee of 2,000 yen is required. The submission fee should be paid by Bank Transfer to:

              Mitsui Sumitomo Bank
              Meguro Branch
              Account Name:  Ippan Shadan Hojin CWAJ
              Account No: 7198489

    * Those of you who submitted your works last year but did not exhibit them at the 2020 Open Print Art Gallery are exempted from the submission fee this year.

  2.  Print should be shipped unmatted, unmounted and unframed. The print must be dry.

  3. In principle, when shipped within Japan, the print should be inserted between strong flat boards to avoid damage during unpacking. Make sure to write your name on the boards. If you must use a tube, please wrap the outside of the rolled print with tissue or packing paper before putting it into the tube. Overseas entries should be shipped in plastic/cardboard tubes or between strong flat boards.

    For inquiries, please contact 2021 CWAJ Print Show co-chair Ruta Bublyte directly at


A non-refundable Submission Fee of 2,000yen. The submission fee should be paid by Bank Transfer to:

          Mitsui Sumitomo Bank
          Meguro Branch
          Account Name: Ippan Shadan Hojin CWAJ
          Account No: 7198489

Please inform us if you would like to use Paypal


This year, selection will be carried out using the submitted digital images only. The artworks will not be accepted before the selection is completed.

When you are informed that your print has been selected for the show, please send it to the following address within the stated period. The shipping charge is borne by the sender.

The print submission period: two days, June 28 (Monday) and June 29 (Tuesday)

  • Send your prints by Air Mail to the CWAJ. Please notify if you would like to submit your artwork and we will send you the mail address in a private email. Make sure to declare ‘No Commercial Value’ on the customs label attached to your packaged prints.

Address: c/o TOBI  Co.Ltd.  5-30-12 Hon-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 151-0071
TEL: 03-3376-8145

  • Selected prints will be featured in the catalogue, exhibited, and put on sale at the CWAJ Print Show(s).
  • All selected artists will receive a complimentary copy of the exhibition catalogue and an invitation to the opening reception on October 19, 2021.


Print Show Committee Award     * Invitation to exhibit in the CWAJ 2022 Print Show


  1. The CWAJ Print Show is a fundraiser. Selected prints will be put on sale during the show. CWAJ may request artists to send additional editions for sale prior to the show.
  2.  The selling price of each print should be identical to the gallery price. Prices cannot be changed once the print is received by CWAJ.
  3. The standard policy is that 50% of the selling price without tax goes to the artists and 50% goes to CWAJ Scholarship and Education Programs.


  1. CWAJ retains the right to photograph and print the selected works for use in the catalogue, for publicity such as on posters and flyers, on products such as greeting cards, calendars, on the catalogue cover or on the CWAJ website. If your print is selected for any of these uses, we will notify you in advance. CWAJ does not pay royalties for reproduction of artwork used in connection with the Print Show.
  2. Submitted prints will be handled with utmost care. However, CWAJ shall not be responsible for any unforeseen damage, loss, theft, etc., which may have occurred during shipping, unpacking, packing, and/or displaying of the prints. Please insure your prints at your own cost for the entire shipping and handling process if so desired.
  3. Submission fees will be received as a donation to CWAJ Scholarship and Education Programs.
  4. CWAJ retains the right to rescind any awards after their announcement should any concerns about the suitability of the print arise.


CWAJ Print Show Committee
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CWAJ is a not-for-profit organization based in Tokyo. All proceeds from the CWAJ Print Show support CWAJ Scholarships.

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