President’s Greeting

Welcome to the CWAJ website.

Welcome to the College Women’s Association of Japan website. I consider myself so lucky to be a member of this organisation through which I have found enduring friendships and a meaningful connection to Japan. By taking advantage of the many volunteer opportunities CWAJ offers, I have a lot of fun participating in interesting projects that strengthen my understanding of this beautiful culture.

What has made it all such fun is working with the remarkable group of women from more than 25 countries who make up CWAJ. We are women supporting women. Together, we accomplish so much which is impressive given that we are an all volunteer organization. Our activities champion education, art, community and friendship.

Scholarship is at the core of what we do. CWAJ was established in 1949 with a primary mission of providing scholarships for women who wanted to further their studies both in Japan and overseas. Our mission has been continuous, today provision of scholarship is also awarded to  women and men who are visually impaired and nursing students at Fukushima Medical University and the Fukushima Medical University Graduate School of Nursing.

We have a strong belief in the education of women and encourage our scholars and all women to pursue their highest goals in order to make the world a better place. To date, CWAJ has awarded scholarships to more than 800 students from 39 nations. All CWAJ scholarships are funded through donations and proceeds from the annual CWAJ Print Show.

The CWAJ Print Show is an annual exhibition and sale of contemporary Japanese print art and is the largest exhibition of its kind in Japan. This spectacular show, mounted since 1956, promotes well-known artists, up-and-comers and first-time exhibitors equally. It garners worldwide acclaim.

Our dedication to community is evidenced through our educational services for children and adults in the wider community, including innovative programs for individuals who are visually impaired. Within the organization, we foster community by offering opportunities to participate in our scholarship program, actives that promote our commitment to education and cross-cultural understanding and a wide range of cultural and social events.

Friendship is at the center of everything we do. When we come together to fulfil the mission of CWAJ, we make strong connections with each other and with Japan.

Please join us! To get started visit the member section of this website and sign-up to attend a monthly luncheon meeting where you can learn more about us and tap into our eloquent luncheon speaker series. Our members are eager to meet other dynamic women and find the best way to align your interest, talent and support with our various committees and programs. We hope to see you soon.

All the Best,
Jane Grimes
2020 CWAJ President

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