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Pandemic Response Scholarship for Nursing Students


In Spring 2020, early in the Covid-19 pandemic, CWAJ again showed its forte – responding to a crisis with a scholarship. As the pandemic took a toll on the Japanese health care system, it was brought to the attention of CWAJ that nursing students are facing financial hardship, such as being barred from having part-time work to avoid potentially bringing the virus into a care facility.

From our 9-year experience of supporting nursing students with the Fukushima Relief Scholarship, we turned our attention anew to nurses who play a critical role in this health crisis. This scholarship supports nursing students in their second or third-year studies at Kanto metropolitan area universities and Fukushima Medical University. This relief scholarship attracted such strong support from the members and the general public that we were able to offer it annually through 2023.

The Nursing Student Scholarships were awarded based on a candidate’s academic excellence, the quality and feasibility of their proposed plan of study, and their potential to contribute to society, as well as a consideration for financial difficulties imposed by the pandemic restrictions. The Scholarship did not impose restrictions on age of the applicant.


Multiple Scholarships of ¥0.5 million Each

The application period for this Scholarship is now closed.