College Women's Association of Japan
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75th Anniversary

Empower, Enrich, and Educate - 75 years and onward

In 2024, CWAJ is celebrating three quarters of a century of women contributing to the world through education, art, community service, and cross-cultural understanding. We are proud of CWAJ’s commitment to empowering, enriching, and educating the lives of our members, our scholars and artists, and the general public. We invite you to read more about our history and who we are


Support individuals to make a difference

Providing scholarships to train nurses like Hiroko Haneda in Fukushima after the Great Kanto Earthquake is just of many examples of the scholarships that CWAJ provides:

  • For 75 years, CWAJ has supported talented students with scholarships for graduate studies in Japan and abroad. 
  • For 52 years, we have awarded scholarships to high-potential women.
  • For 49 years, we have provided assistance to young scholars who are visually impaired.


Connect diverse members for sharing and support 

At its founding in 1949, American and Japanese women decided that the recent enmity between their two countries did not mean that they could not come together to address societies needs and form friendships. US First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt attended one of CWAJ’s first fundraisers in 1953 in support of that mission. And CWAJ continues to bring women together today – both everyday and to celebrate our history.


Promote Japanese culture through outreach

From its start in 1956 as a fundraising effort encouraged by publisher Charles Tuttle and Yoseido Gallery’s Abe Yuji, the Print Show quickly gained international attention. In 1972, Dr. Henry Kissinger, former US Secretary of State to President Richard Nixon, bought four prints. The Print Show today remains notable for its globalism, promotion of sosaku hanga, including young artists, and fundraising to support CWAJ scholarship.

Onward and Upward

Planning for many years to come

The 75th Anniversary Committee has much more planned to celebrate our history and move forward for another 75 years. Join us! Learn more about us. Donate to our efforts. Follow us. Become a member today.