College Women's Association of Japan
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CWAJ in Media

Gekkan Gallery

October issue of Gekkan Gallery, a monthly art magazine, ran a 15 page featured story titled ‘CWAJ Print Show: its long history since 1956 and accomplishments.’ In the same article is an interview with 2021 CWAJ Young Printmaker Award winner OHYAMA Kanna as well all award prints since 2005.

Basketball King

読売新聞 (Yomiuri Shimbun)


東京新聞 (Tokyo Shimbun)

<新型コロナ>版画展収益で看護学生に奨学金 女性支援の民間団体 芸術家の発表の場にも

Tokyo Weekender

10 Questions with CWAJ President Jane Grimes

Annual Show Celebrates Japan’s Print-Making Tradition.

Nikkei Asian Review

Six decades on, Japanese printmaking show still captures zeitgeist


アートフラッシュニュース: 第63回CWAJ現代版画展 / 63rd CWAJ PRINT SHOW 日本最大規模の版画展示販売会

The ACCJ Journal

Artistic Vision: CWAJ marks 62 years of inspiration and support.

TW Tokyo Weekender

CWAJ Celebrates 70 Years of Support and Scholarship

In Japan TV

Women at Work: The College Women’s Association of Japan


Tokyo Cheapo profiled CWAJ in October 2018.