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English program for children in Fukushima

The 6th English program for children in Fukushima was held on December 3rd at Nikoniko-Kodomo-kan in Koriyama City, led by 7 members. A total of 38 children participated in the two one-hour sessions. The program’s theme this time was Christmas and winter. As Christmas is very popular nowadays in Japan, all the children were excited and interested. The program included action songs, storytelling of The Snowman, winter clothing vocabulary using a matching card game, and letting all the children dress in a Santa outfit. The children were excited to make a candy cane ornament out of red and white pipe cleaners with their parents and the volunteers.

We received positive feedback from the parents, expressing their hope we will continue this program in the future. They were impressed by the volunteers’ earnest and warmhearted attitude toward the children as well as the creativity and uniqueness of the program.

We were honored to have the Mayor of Koriyama City and his wife visit our program again. Not only did that encourage us but it also reminded us how important they believe this program is for children and Koriyama City.

The number of children participating in the programs since 2014 is now 300! We hope our programs have encouraged children to have an interest in English and that it also has brightened their lives with a multicultural, fun, active, enriching experience.

English program for children in Fukushima

 Fukushima Relief Scholarship

CWAJ Fukushima Relief Scholarship, launched in 2012, is the only award-type scholarship offered to students studying in Fukushima Medical University School of Nursing and is highly appreciated by the school.
The recipients of the CWAJ 2016 Fukushima Relief Scholarships are Mikihisa Nagasawa, a third year student, and Tomoe Shike, a graduate student. They will be awarded 500,000 yen each for the academic year 2015-2016.

* Please click here to see 2016 scholars’ profiles

The two 2015 Fukushima Relief Scholars passed the national examination in March 2016. Sonoko Nagasawa is now working as nurse in a hospital in Nihonmatsu City, Fukushima Prefecture, and Sayaka Takahashi in a hospital in Yokohama.

CWAJ Fukushima Relief Projects, launched in 2011 to support the area stricken by the Great East Japan Earthquake, are now in their sixth year. Activities include support to “Soma Mental Care Center Nagomi”, scholarships for students studying at Fukushima Medical University School of Nursing, Fukushima Art Project in collaboration with CWAJ Print Show and English Program for Children in Fukushima”. CWAJ is committed to supporting Fukushima and its people through various unique activities only CWAJ can offer.
CWAJ sincerely thanks you for your kind support and donations. Your generous contributions not only fund scholarships but also various programs held in different cities as an encouragement to the people in Fukushima.

CWAJ is committed to continuing to support the stricken area and give hope for the future.

"After the accident at the Fukushima Nuclear Plant, I was always questioning myself whether I should stay or put my child’s health first. But I was thankful to CWAJ Scholarship and to the people who supported the students of Fukushima. It would have been easy for me to quit, but I would have had many regrets if I did. Thanks to your scholarship, regardless of the fear of radiation, I was able to pursue my studies to become a nurse."
Saiko Akiyama (2012-13)

“I was very impressed to learn that CWAJ’s true mission is personal development. I will always keep the honor of receiving CWAJ Scholarship. This experience will be a strong mental support throughout my life in future. I am determined to put my utmost effort to study to become a nurse that can contribute to Fukushima community."
Sonoko Nagasawa (2015)